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Plastic cards – sample packs

plastic cards special offer

black plastic card with silver foiling

We offer a sample pack free of charge to customer who have received a quote for plastic cards and wish to place an order.

We feel it is important for customers to be able to assess the quality of the plastic cards before they place an order. In additional some trade customers need samples to show there customers – in which case we are more then happy to post out unbranded sample cards.

The sample pack also ensures that the customer selects the right product for their needs. For example quotes may have been provided for the 420 micron plastic cards and on receiving the sample pack customers often decide that the 680 micron plastic cards are more suitable, as it is thicker and provides a more professional image.

We have found recently that we are receiving more and more request from people who simply want samples. These people do not seems to be interested in receiving a quote. We are thinking that people who are just looking for samples are merely looking for design ideas and are phoning a number of companies in the industry looking for ideas/free sample cards. In these cases we are apprehensive to post samples out as they do take time and money to prepare. In addition to this how can the customer know that they wish to place an order with us if they don’t know our prices! Quite often they do not even know how many cards they wish to order or simply don’t want to place an order at all, they are just looking for anything free that they can get there hands on!

Our website does show many photos and even video clips of previous designs we have printed and we are obviously fine for customers to peruse our website at there leisure.

It may unfortunately come down to charging for sample packs, not to make any additional money, just to cover the cost of them. We really don’t want to go down this route however the expense of producing sample packs is high and the return from producing and posting them is relatively low. One option may be for us to charge a nominal amount and refund this should an order be placed.

We are looking to update our website with more photos to help potential customers.

Any ideas to help this situation would be appreciated.

Signature strips on plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

black plastic card with watermark and foiling

We can apply signature strips to plastic cards, these provide a useful tool so that members can sign the card. This is a good way for organisations to verify a members identity and also could provide the member a sense of belonging and ownership.

Signature strips are applied to the plastic cards using heat and pressure. This allows them to be written on with a ball point pen.

The signature strips can also be used to write additional useful information on, for example:

Membership number

Membership category

Date of Birth

Expiry date etc

We often refer to the signature strips as “write on panels / signature strips” as it is exactly the same product and material used for both, basically they are one and the same thing.

Customers will quite often have 2 or 3 strips on their cards to space out all the required information. This is fine and most of the time there is no additional cost for this. If you have any particular requirements please run them past us and we will happily provide a quotation.

A frosted plastic card with holoprint

plastic cards special offer

metallic silver foiled clear business card

We recently printed this frosted plastic card for a customer.

It is printed with holoprint and black and we think it looks rather stunning.

We find holoprint on frosted plastic is a very popular colour choice, sometime the holoprint is only used for a very small aspect of the design but it still remains effective in catching the eye.

On this example, the holoprint was printed first with the black then printed over the top so the holoprint of the film shows through the areas where the black is not printed.

Plastic cards and courier delivery

plastic cards special offer

metallic silver foiling

We had a customer who was desperate to receive there order of plastic cards as they wanted to post them out to attendees of an event.

I phoned the courier company mid afternoon to see if they would be kind enough to provide any kind of update, unfortunately they were unable to do this.

At 5.30 our customer still had not received there order of plastic cards, so I rang the courier company again. This time they informed me that the courier van had been broken into & there would be a slight delay, however the order would be delivered by 6.30pm.

This time came and went and no delivery was made. The next day the courier company contacted us to tell us that our customers order has been one of the parcels stolen from the break in.

This was such a shame for the customer as they really needed their plastic cards.

Lucky the customer had another idea up there sleeve and instead of handing the cards out as pre-event tickets they would actually hand them out on the evening as an information card.

We are in the process of re-printing the cards for the customer and fingers crossed this re-print will be uneventful.

It just goes to show you than the unexpected can and does happen. If you know you need plastic cards for an event, get them ordered sooner rather than later so there is plenty of time for anything unexpected to be resolved. I guess this is true of anything in life not just plastic cards!

The stolen plastic card order – all ok

plastic cards special offer

metallic foiling on a smoked tinted clear card

I wrote a blog a few days ago regarding a plastic cards order which had been stolen while it was in the couriers delivery van.

This particular order had a deadline and the theft rendered the original design un-usable.

The customer submitted a new design, which meant that the card could still be used. This time however they incorporated a signature panel/write on strip to allow a table number to be written on the cards which would identify the user. We produced the new design with the signature panel/write on strip (we decided not to charge the customer additional money for the strips as after all the theft was not their fault, come to think of it, it wasn’t our fault either however we do try to ensure our customers are happy).

The replacements cards are due to be delivered today – please cross your fingers for us and the customer.

Postal proofs for plastic card orders

plastic cards special offer

matt black plastic business card for bathroom installation company

We can offer postal proofs with our full colour solid plastic cards orders (apart from the special offers). There are numerous reasons why we can offer them. Basically the cards when printed and finalized may come out differently than expected. Reasons include:

– Orders with magnetic strips can be tested to ensure they work ok before the full order is printed. Occasionally the proofing stage can highlight problems before the full order is printed.

– The above also applies for barcodes.

– Colours can come out differently then expected when the artwork is printed on to plastic cards.

– A printed proof may highlight any areas of the artwork which have been provided by the customer as proof quality/low resolution. The customer can then decide if they have the ability to provide the artwork in a better quality.
– Optional extras such as embossing can be applied to show the final result, sometimes embossing may cover key text which the customer has not realised previously.

The above are example but highlight the obvious reasons for producing postal proofs.

Most plastic cards companies, often those shipping the cards into the UK from the far East, do not offer postal proofs, I think this is basically because it would take far to long to ship a sample card with the customer artwork on to the UK. Please bear this in mind when ordering cards from a company who does not produce the cards in the UK. Imagine if your full order arrived and it looked terrible or the magnetic strips did not work, I doubt anything could be done.

However, it may not be obvious that some companies are not producing the cards in the UK, i.e. their sales office may be here in the UK, so you need to ask them if the cards are produced here in the UK or if they are shipped in from the far east etc.
Place your order with us and receive your postal proof before we print your full order. This is to ensure full review and testing of any optional extras can occur before you commit to your full order being printed.

Membership cards – a growing demand

plastic cards special offer

Robust, professional-looking membership cards.

Whether it’s a gym, a private club, a beauty salon or a sports club, many organisations make use of membership cards.

These could be printed on card, but really you and your members need a card to be more robust and long lasting.
We produce professional plastic membership cards which are full colour plastic cards that are the same thickness and quality as your credit card.

As well as ensuring that your members’ cards don’t get damaged, this will also reflect well on you as a company. But there are more specific benefits as well. You can keep a better track of your members by having the cards numbered or personalised in some way.

Membership cards can have sequential numbering to make each unique, or you can go further than that. Information about each specific member can be printed onto the card and you can even get cards produced with an image of the person on them. If they are for regular use getting in and out of a building, they can be made with a slot or hole so that you can attach a lanyard so that people can have them round their necks or attached to their clothing.

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membership cards

Why plastic cards?

plastic cards special offer

Why buy plastic cards to be used as plastic business cards?

Business cards are often exchanged during meetings or trade shows. They are a means of easily passing on business information, such as the person’s role, the company they work for and any contact information.

Having spoken to the person in question, the receiver of the business card has an address, a phone number or an email address if they do decide to follow up on anything that may have come up during conversation.

plastic business cards

While you are a representative of your company, the business card effectively represents you. If you have a cheap, thin, cardboard business card that falls apart, this will he how you are remembered – if you’re remembered at all. However, if you have a professionally made, personalised plastic business card, you can maintain the good impression you’ve hopefully made in person.

You can get full colour plastic business cards in a gloss or matt finish. These cards will have rounded corners and are available in a variety of thicknesses, from credit card thickness down to a lighter, flexible thickness, which is slightly cheaper. You can also get cards with a satin black background or with a metallic look. Finally, there are frosted plastic business cards, which are semi-transparent.

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Plastic Cards – Advertise with them

plastic cards special offer

Foiled plastic cards

The outcome of US08 could so easily have been different if McCain had used the services of www.cpcards.co.uk

Perhaps if his plastic cards had metallic gold or metallic silver foiling (hot foil stamped / foiled blocked) this would catch the eye more?

A series of personalized plastic cards sporting campaign slogans on one side and McCain is able on the other may well have helped to place a Republican in the White House.

The advertising power of plastic cards

This is often underestimated. Plastic cards are seen as special, possibly because they are similar to Bank or Credit cards, so where a paper or card stock is used a business card may be thrown away, whilst the plastic card will often be kept. Perhaps the known monetary value of Bank and Credit cards becomes associated with Plastic Cards in the publics’ psyche.

A campaign such as McCains could so easily have used Plastic Cards as a memory jogger to the US populace. Handed out to the queues of voters in every state some would no doubt have considered the message and by the time they reached the front of the queue voted for the guy associated with the little plastic card tucked in their wallet.

Stranger things have happened.

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