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Plastic cards & encoded magnetic strips

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Hi All,

Just a quick note to all customers who place orders for plastic cards with encoded magnetic strips. please please please ensure you have double checked your encoding requirements. We had a customer today with a rush order who insisted we were to encode on to track two however at the last minute this was changed to track one. Luckily we were able to do this for the customer however this may not always be the case as the order could have been encoded already.

Plastic cards and checking the proofs

plastic cards special offer


This is a polite request to re-sellers of our full colour solid plastic cards and key cards,

Over the past month we have a lot of re-sellers contacting us after seeing the postal proof for the full colour solid plastic cards, various queries / comments have been made regarding the printing. We have spent a lot of time explaining printing limitations, printing process, CMYK colour values etc and why certain things have happened (usually down to the artwork supplied).

After we have spent a long, long time discussing the points with the re-seller they have then show the end customer the postal proof, who 9 out of 10 times approves the proof immediately and thinks they are wonderful.

Please could I politely request that the postal proof is shown to the customer before contacting us with concerns as often we find that they are being over analysed and the end customer is 100% happy with it.

Any comments please feel free to post on this blog.

Plastic cards longest day of the year

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Just in case you didn’t realise today is the longest day otherwise known as summer solstice. What a great excuse to get the BBQ out tonight. We have had a couple of request this year for summer solstic party invites, not something we have had before.

Maybe its a new craze! or just another excuse for a party, not that one is required!

The plastic cards designs for these invites were submitted to us by the party holders, they opted for the frosted clear plastic cards, not very surprisingly with an image of a sun on them! We suggested printing these with the holofoil which gives a rainbow effect in when the cards is viewed at different angles and the customers agreed that this was a great idea.

The finished products look really good, if I get change I will pop a photo on the blog at a later date.

Bye for now and happy summer solstic.

Plastic card printing & personalisation

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

The blog is more of an announcement, as you are probably aware we offer a bureau personlisation service where we hold the plastic cards is stock and personlise them for the customer when new members join.

We are having a tidy up of the office store this week and next week and will be contacting customers who have not asked for any of there cards for 12 months or over. We will ask the customer if they would like any remaining cards to be posted to them or for us to destroy them.

We have had to make a decision that if a customer has not been in contact or submitted any excel files in the last 12 months that we will have to shred the cards.
In addition to this, if we receive email delivery failures and again the customer has not been in touch for 12 months or longer we will shred the cards.
If you think you have any cards sat in our stores please get in touch in the next week as we will happily post them out to you.

Bye for now.

Autumn is coming student plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I hope you are all preparing for the cooler weather and stocking up on winter essentials.

We have had a lot of enquiries for New years eve and Christmas party plastic cards recently, advance planning or what! I am not knocking advance planning at all and wish more customers would do this!

Our frosted plastic cards and satin black plastic cards are the most popular for party invites as they give a dramatic look. Most customer keep some in there wallets to hand out to friends they bump in to whilst out and about doing there shopping etc.

Do you have an event / party in the next couple of months? If so have a think about the kind of invites you wish to send out and give a though to our frosted / satin black plastic cards.

Bye for now.

Plastic cards printed quickly

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Its been a manic few weeks, mainly due to a lot of colleges and universities starting the academic term and needing cards associated with this.

We can finally breath again and have some room for express orders should you need any cards in a hurry.

Obviously the timescale we can manage will depend on your requirements e.g. 8000 plastic cards with holes for 3 working days time will be a problem! But shorter runs of up to 1000 full colour solid plastic cards with no extras or just with sequential numbering, we should be able to turn round relatively quickly.

Drop us an email if you need any full colour solid plastic cards quickly sales@cpcards.co.uk and we will see what we can do to help you.

Plastic cards used as invites

plastic cards special offer

We received an email today for our frosted plastic cards to be used as birthday invites, see below:

“I wanted something different for a birthday invitation and stumbled across you website and i love the frosted plastic cards and was thinking i could use them as tickets and invitations into my venue i think i will need around 300 with pink writing please. I was also wondering if you are able to put some kind of flower design with a sixteen on it somewhere, if that is possible. please could you get back to me a soon as possible, with how long they take to make? and also if you are able to design what i requested please could you email me it before i make my purchase. my party is on the 26th of next month so i will need them asap.”

We emailed back with a price and said that we can help with the design, we just need a small deposit to start work.

This is a prime example of the kind of enquiry we get for invitations and we hope we can help out.

Bye for now

Club penguin membership cards

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We are amazed at how many people per day come to our website looking for club penguin cards.

Is it because club penguin cards when shortened becomes cpcards?

Who knows!

What is club penguin – is it a kids thing, is it kids that are coming to our website looking for a penguin?

All we know is we have nothing to do with it – we just print plastic cards and business cards.

Plastic cards and the spring time rush

plastic cards special offer

Spring is nearly here, the nights are getting lighter and daffodils starting to emerge & its time for spring cleaning.

I guess it would also be a good time of any customers with membership schemes to have a spring clean as well, a few tips would be to:

Have a look at existing membership cards to see if they need an update you could run a member competition for them to design the new cards and offer a prize, this is a great way to make members feel included and help if you are struggling with design ideas alternatively you could take a look at our card examples on our website for inspiration.

You could consider implementing a tracking system to monitor member activity which could provide vital information to a club in terms of retention and member movement (barcodes or magnetic strips could help you with this) depending on when your membership year runs it may be time to ask member if they are renewing, bear in mind that people are still struggling financially so you may want to consider incentives such as renew for 12 months and get one month free or a free gift.

If any readers of this have any further ideas for fellow organisations please feel free to add them to this blog.

Metallic plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We are now offering metallic plastic cards, you can choose from metallic gold and silver base cards (for the full colour plastic cards) on a solid PVC stock.

This product offers a really professional image, either for membership schemes or business cards.

There is one limitation with this product, we can not offer any white text/images (as there is not white base to show through the CMYK printing). Don’t let this put you off through as anything you have within your design with is white will simply show as the metallic base colour, This effect can look very good.

At the moment we can only offer this product in the 760 micron thickness, We are trying to source thinner stock but at the moment we are struggling. For most people this isn’t a problem with this product as they usually want the thickest possible product to give a professional look.

Place your order now!