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Beware of card core ‘plastic cards’

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Hello All,

It has been brought to my attention that one of our competitors is still offering “plastic cards” with cardboard in the middle known as card core and the advertising is not 100% clear that this product is produced this way.

Just to clarify, we do not produce card core cards, ours are plastic all the way through.

I have attached a photo of a card core card which shows you the poor quality after a relatively short period of time.

Ask yourself this question, would you want to give this card and bad impression out to a customer?

Please let us know if you have any experience of card core cards and what you thought of them and please be careful if you find some apparently low cost plastic cards and double check exactly what you are getting or better still order from us and have peace of mind.

Bye for now.

Metallic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Had a phone call just now which confused me a little – easily done!

A lady phoned asking if we do metallic plastic cards, yes we do I reply, is there anything particular are you looking for I ask, she replies saying metal cards. Oh there is a bit difference between metal and metallic cards so I double check which is required metallic or metal but I receive a reply however I am still a little unsure which is required! Other questions followed such as turn around time, what metallic cards do we offer etc

Just to clarify for everyone in case any one else is confused, there is a difference between metal and metallic cards and we specalise in plastic cards (not metal) but yes indeed we can offer plastic metallic cards.

If you would like metallic cards there are two different printing processes we can use, I wold suggest the best thing to do is email your artwork over so that we can assess the most appropriate product for you.

Bye for now

An unusual plastic card request

plastic cards special offer

Hello all,

We received an unusual email today:

Hello CPcards team,

I’ve on idea about business card but cant find any information if it possible to produce it technically.

The idea is to have plastic card with frozen finish and to have nothing on it , but details of the company appears only after you put the card under water or any other liquid.

Would love to hear from you asap.

We replied straight away, saying that unfortunately this is not something we can help with. Obviously we produce the frosted plastic cards but nothing like the above request.

I was just wondering if anyone else has heard of any unusual requests for business cards / plastic cards?

Bye for now

Cpcards reviews – Many Happy Customers

plastic cards special offer

For genuine reviews about our company see Review Centre

Our company is called Colour Plastic Cards Ltd.

Visit our website at www.cpcards.co.uk

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The Colour Plastic Cards Limited Mission
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A polite request

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

This is a polite request to all Universities, colleges and schools who need plastic cards for the start of term, please please please order asap. The full colour solid plastic cards are very popular at this time of year and I imagine that we may well reach capacity for production in the next week or so.

Each and every year in September we have people coming to us who have been let down by another company, forgot all about ordering them, just decided it would be a good idea etc – does this apply to you?! If so order asap!

Thanks and bye for now

Delivery problem

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Oh dear a day of sorting out delivery problems down to various reasons. One customers comments, quite rightly are below for you to have a look at (this was for an order of the 760 micron full colour solid plastic cards) where the courier said that the property was closed and due to this they cold not deliver:

I am fine about the time it may take now for you to arrange the re-delivery, do not worry about that, I understand that the cards are not in your possession at the moment.

I am most grateful for you looking into this matter for me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you once you have heard from the
courier company.

I have no complaints about your service, but believe that the courier company acted unprofessionally and negligently on this occasion.

It’s nice of the customer to understand that the courier company is a third party company.

Bye for now – let see what tomorrow brings! As a final note, we have very very few problems with the courier company but when the occasional problem happens it seems to be very time consuming to get to the bottom of things!

New product white plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

We have recently started a new range of white plastic cards, they are printed the same way as the frosted and satin black cards. We have printed quite a few test designs on the white plastic cards and personally I think they look really good, sometimes I would go as far as saying better than the frosted!

We have put together a whole new webpage for the white plastic cards

This webpage shows examples, artwork specifications, prices. Please note for a limited time we are offering free design on this product, you can order online and list your requirements.

Bye for now

Why white plastic cards are so great

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I recently mentioned about our new product, the white plastic cards.

Sorry to mention them yet again but they really are a great product. If you have experiences problems with scuffing on the frosted cards perhaps the white cards would be the next product to order, as they are opaque they do not show scuff marks as much as the frosted.

Order a sample pack if you would like a look at them.

Bye for now

Check your spelling

plastic cards special offer

Hi All, I read a funny article in the news today regarding a fire station in Preston, they had some wording painted on the ground outside the premises, it was meant to say keep clear but unfortunately was painted as keep klear!

Oh dear, someone will be in trouble.

We occasionally have cards where customer have spelt words incorrectly, whether down to a typing mistake or just incorrect spelling who knows. This seems to happen more on the full colour cards than the frosted or anything else, probably as customers generally have more information on the full colour cards. Quite often the customer asks us to change it for them but they don’t realise that they sent the artwork to us in an format we can not edit (not always the case).

Bye for now and make sure you keep important access areas klear 😉

Phone calls today

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

I must be honest with you and say that we do not often get chance to answer the telephone, we are all so busy work on orders and printing. A lot of time has been spent on the website to try and ensure all questions are answered on there to maximise efficiency for everyone. I thought I would summarise a few of the phone called from today

Call from a car servicing company wanting 760 micron full colour cards

Reason for call: would like prices for full colour cards with no optional extras

Response: politely referred to website for prices

Additional question: can I have a sample of my design printed. Answer: yes once your order has been placed and paid for

A customer has received the postal proofs for a key card order and is asking about artwork specifications as they need to supply new artwork
Response: Politely refereed customer back to the website where the artwork specifications are located (the same location as they have always been)

A phone call was received from someone whos colleague posted an SAE to use for a generic sample pack (they think they are interested in the frosted plastic cards) however as far as they knew samples had not been received
Response: I will look in to this and get back to you. It turned out we had not received the SAE and the customer was advised this via email. I am not sure whether the SAE was sent or not as as the person who was meant to send it is off work I suggested they posted it again.

A phoned call from an existing customer regarding prices for 680 micron plastic cards, full colour, no optional extras
Response: politely refereed to website for prices

Our website is great, please take the time to look at it!

Bye for now