High Resolution Images

Any logos or graphics required on your cards need to be provided as high quality computer files (pdf, jpeg etc) - unfortunately we cannot provide any logos or graphics. Providing a hand drawn image depicting a logo or graphic isn't enough, we need the actual computer generated file.
common image file formats

We recommend that logos, images and graphics are provided at a minimum 300dpi, however 600dpi is recommended.

If you are unsure, try zooming in to see if it is sharp and crisp (not blurry).
Resolution examples and More resolution examples

Most file formats are accepted such as pdf, eps, jpg, tiff, photoshop and illustrator.
Print quality will suffer if low resolution / low quality graphics are provided to us.

If you would like to incorporate an image or clipart within your design but you do not have a suitable image then you may find one of these websites useful.
istockphoto | fotosearch | clipart.com
You can search for images and when you find a suitable one, simply download it then email it to us so we can include it within your design.
(Note: If the image is to be printed on our translucent, satin black, metallic or white plastic cards then it cannot contain gradients, half tones or full colour images, only line art can be printed on these card types.

Should you require any images that contain gradients, halftones or full colour then you will need to order our full colour plastic cards.

low resolution
This logo is too low in resolution to print from.
Click on it to see an enlarged version, the poor quality is easy to see.

still low resolution
This is the same logo as the one above but it has simply been resized. This is still too low in resolution to print from. Simply resizing it does not increase the resolution. If you click on it you can view a larger image.

The original file needs to be sent to us, not a scaled up version.

high resolution
This is the original high resolution version of the logo. This is exactly the type we need to print from.
If you click on it you can view a larger version which is great quality.