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Free Artwork for Plastic Cards

find out more about our free artwork for plastic business cards

Don't struggle with creating the artwork yourself, place your order with us and let us create your artwork free of charge.

Plus, if you supply your own artwork, we will
check it and fix technical issues.

Plastic Cards for Automated Technologies is design of the week

Design of the week

Chris from Automated Technologies is responsible for a lot of the machinery we have here at CPcards. Chris emailed his artwork to us for his plastic cards. He ideally wanted some perspex business cards to really stand out from the crowd so he chose our clear business cards as these were the best solution.

Automated Technologies Ltd is a British design and engineering company based in south Manchester, with over 25 years experience of supplying automation solutions using robots, electronics and software solutions. They adapt the most appropriate technology and machine design to help implement increased throughput and consistency with more efficient and lower production costs.

Chris decided on the following 2 colours: White and Bright Green.

We emailed a photo-realistic email proof to Chris for approval and once he had approved it his cards were printed and dispatched in just 7 working days.

Thanks for your order Chris, we hope you like your cards.

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Membership Card Printing

premium quality

First impressions count, so ensure your members are impressed with your organisation when you issue your membership cards.

A great looking membership card will also entice your members friends and family to become members.

Membership cards and plastic cards have always been popular as people keep them to hand at all times and unlike card based cards they stay looking great.

We print all sorts of plastic cards from plastic business cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and discount cards. We have many years experience plus designing them and we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality, produced here in England combined with a fast and friendly service and quick turnaround times. We strive to offer complete satisfaction, honest advise and do all we can to meet deadlines for rush orders.

Please contact us for a quotation, also if you have a design, pop it on an email to us at then we can better assess your needs and offer you better advise. We are very quick at replying to emails so expect a reply within in minutes (during working hours) but we do sometimes work late in the evening and weekends to keep on top of the work.

If you want to create your own design we have lots of artwork guidance plus various examples for you to get inspiration from

If you do send us your finished design and we notice any technical issues with it, we will fix the issues free of charge - we really are here to help you! So get in touch!

Benefits of Plastic Business Cards

plastic card example

At a networking event in your Local Chamber of Commerce

At a fund-raising gala where business owners and leaders are expected to congregate

At a Silicon Valley gathering

At the convention center hosting a trade show

At your local church, temple, mosque or synagogue

At an alumni event

At a trade association event

….people are exchanging plastic business cards, not tapping their phones together.

The tradition of exchanging business cards continues even in the age of smartphones. If you want to make a first good impression and establish a connection, a business card is your go-to, even before you contact a potential client, customer, supplier or business partner on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Business cards offer a personal touch that electronic lists just cannot. They are a solid investment for any company, professional or business owner, serving as a physical reminder of having met someone in person rather than trying to understand them via a Google search.

All business cards are not created equal. Some are more attractive and compelling than others. Their construction is one of the factors contributing to their quality and the perceived value of your business. Plastic business cards trump their paper counterparts in this regard, and have become the preferred choice of savvy businesses and professionals not just in the UK but across the world.

Three reasons to start looking at plastic business cards today


example Paper business cards can crumple quite easily in wallets. A severely creased card often suffers the same fate as any piece of paper no longer in use – it is binned. Banks and vending machines may not accept badly worn or very crumpled notes as legal tender. Similarly, faded and wrinkled business cards with illegible details are of no use to anyone. Bottom line is, paper is not durable and paper business cards lose their sheen quickly.

Business cards made of plastic are significantly more durable than paper-based ones. Plastic breaks down very slowly and is highly resistant to water damage and fading. This has made them a practical choice for professionals who work out of an outdoor environment : construction workers, gardeners, boat or cruise operators, tour guides, forest rangers, marine biologists, agriculturists and urban planners, to name a few.

A robust, durable plastic business card is also a handy option for another reason. Some potential customers/clients may not contact you for many weeks or months. When they whip out your business card, you want it to look engaging and dynamic, and not tired and uninviting. This is more easily achieved with plastic than paper.

Visual quotient

example A business card doesn't have to be 'all business'; designers and creatives are adding snippets of their work and even their Instagram feed on the back of their business cards. The modern business card isn't a calling card, it's a representation of your business and capabilities. It can be humorous, edgy or a piece of art in itself. Of course, it can also be strictly professional with only your name and contact information, but it must be elegant and appealing.

How do plastic business cards outperform paper cards on aesthetics? In two key ways, actually. colours render extremely well on plastic. Compare a vibrantly coloured plastic card with a full-colour paper card and you'll instantly see the difference. A plastic business card is more visually stimulating and holds your attention longer.

The tactile appeal of plastic business cards cannot be replicated by paper. They are more substantial and smoother to touch, which enhances the experience of holding and handling them. If you're looking for something shiny and glamorous, a high gloss finish is ideal. For a refined and somber look, a luxury matte finish is the more suitable option.

More choices in artwork

example Continuing from the point above, a variety of artwork and design render well on plastic. A plastic medium allows room for versatility and creativity in a way not possible with a paper base. This is a unique advantage that enables our clients to specify exactly what they need and get it done beautifully!

We get a number of requests for optional extras such as embossing and for membership cards and loyalty cards, magnetic strips and signature strips are a part and parcel of the order requests. Plastic is best suited to these applications, and allow not only us to expand our range of offerings, but also enable you to create cards that serve dual purposes. Where there is a requirement for NFC cards embedded with NFC chips to trigger single-tap sharing of phone numbers, website links and social networking profiles to smart devices, plastic is the default material.

Make an unforgettable impression with plastic business cards and position yourself as a company/professional who stays ahead of the times. It starts here – go for it.

Plastic Cards

Plastic business cards are very popular compared to the normal type of business card as they are far more durable and create a much better first impression. Our website shows lots of examples which we can design and produce ranging from a single colour to full colour.

Membership cards

Membership cards are required by various clubs and organisations. We can take care of all your requirements in an easy and flexible manner and provide you with a quality service to ensure that your membership cards are professionally printed. Remember, we offer a free artwork service

Plastic Card Printing

Plastic Card printing is a professional job. It is best handled by companies which have a lot of experience in this field and are reputed for their work - we are one such company! Whatever your needs are, we can take care of all your plastic card printing requirements whilst ensuring the highest quality work combined with speedy and friendly communication.

Loyalty cards

Various establishments like to issue loyalty cards to their customers. These enable them to procure various offers which are specially designed for loyal customers. It is also vital to have them professionally designed and printed. We can offer you some fantastic options for the printing requirements of your loyalty cards which include embossing, barcodes, signature strips, metallic foiling, please ask for details.

Printed in England

We produce our plastic cards in England which means we can offer a quick delivery as we don't import them from overseas. Lots of our customers are local to us in Whitchurch, Shropshire but we find that many of our customers come from London and the south east. Most of our customers try to find local companies for their printing needs and come to us for their plastic card printing from areas such as Chester, Nantwich, Audlem, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Market Drayton, Stoke on Trent, Crewe, Northwich, Warrington, Manchester Telford, Birmingham and all over Cheshire and Lancashire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Wales.

Free Artwork with all orders

Many companies find our free artwork service is more than a help to them, it is essential as they simply cannot provide artwork as they don't have the ability to do it. To say they are pleased with the end result is an understatement to say the least and as a result most of our work is repeat orders and recommendations from existing customers.

Free artwork available with every order

Wonderful realistic email proof normally provided within one hour

For our full colour cards an actual plastic card can be printed & posted to you for final approval

Standard turnaround time is from 5 working days

High quality manufactured in England

We check your artwork & fix technical issues found

some of our happy customers

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