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Membership Cards

Our vast range of optional extras combined with our competitive prices and fast, friendly service makes us a market leader for membership cards which keeps our customers retuning time after time as well as recommending us.

Our membership cards are proudly printed in England and are printed on each side in full colour. The printing is actually underneath the plastic surface so it cannot wear off.

We provide membership cards for a wide range of clubs and organisations throughout England such as football clubs, cricket clubs, rugby clubs, tennis clubs, squash clubs, fishing clubs, car clubs, social clubs, night clubs, dance clubs, etc. We supply very small local organisations that have just a handful of members to large national or multi-national organisations with tens of thousands of members.

The majority of membership cards that we print have a signature strip and also a unique number which is usually sequential however you can supply an excel document and we can print the details from the document onto the cards so each one has unique details. For example, the members name, membership number, expiry date, level of membership etc.

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Membership Cards Printing

We have been printing membership cards for many years, we must have printed every type imaginable. The majority of our work is repeat customers as our quality, customer service and prices are second to none.

All our cards are printed in England and are solid plastic and are high quality. You will find cheaper cards on the internet but they will be low quality imports from China.

However, you will probably not be aware of this, as companies who outsource production to China don't like to advertise that the cards are printed thousands of miles away and that they have no control over the manufacturing process and the quality will be ... well, as you would expect for a cheap import from China!

fast turnaround time for our membership cards

One way to tell if cards are being produced in China is by looking at the turnaround time. Our turnaround time is around 5 working days, if the turnaround time is 10 working days or over (some companies are quoting 15 or 20 working days) then they will be coming from China.

Also ask if a postal proof (actual printed plastic card) is available and if it is 100% identical to the cards of the final order. We have found that some companies are printing a plastic card on a desktop printer and once the customer approves it they then get the whole order printed in China (it will not match the plastic card from the desktop printed.

For our full colour plastic membership cards, once you have placed your order and have approved the fantastic realistic proof that we email to you, we then proceed to print an actual plastic membership card on the same machinery that we will print your whole order on and post it to you for final approval.

Also double check that the cards are indeed solid plastic and not simply laminated cardboard! Whilst they look like plastic, as soon as they get wet or the corner of the card gets caught, they will de-laminate and fall apart - false economy!

Our customers and ourselves find that great customer service, high quality plus free help and assistance with artwork is more important than the lowest price. Anyone can compete simply on price and a lot of our competitors are doing just that. They focus on giving the customer the lowest possible price to win the order and every thing else is unimportant. Would you eat at the cheapest restaurant in town or spend more money on one that you actually want to eat in that offers better food, better atmosphere, better service?

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Highest Quality
We proudly print our Membership Cards in England

cheap plastic cards
high quality plastic membership cards

Free Artwork with all Membership Cards

We find that most of our customers know what they want printed but they haven't got the technical ability or time to put the artwork together so it can be printed and look professional. Thats where we can help every single customer as we offer free artwork on all orders. You may have a design that you have created but it needs tidying up or something adding or taking away, we can do this for you, no problem, free of charge.

free artwork with all membership cards orders

Plus, if you are supplying your own artwork, we will check it for technical issues & fix the issues (if possible) free of charge

We have lots of examples that you may want us to base yours on or you can send us something as basic as a sketch on a piece of paper of your requirements. You can either post this to us or scan or photograph it and email it to us.

free artwork service
membership cards examples

A realistic proof is emailed to you

realistic email proof

When our studio have created your artwork, they will email a realistic proof to you for approval.

Also, when you come to re-order more, if you want any alterations we can do that for you with ease. We will email a new realistic proof to you to check and once approved we will then post an actual plastic membership card to you for final approval. We do this do ensure everything is 100% perfect for you - every time!

If you have your own artwork that you would like us to print please send it to us, artwork guides can be found here to ensure that you have it to the right size and specification.

Fast Turnaround

Our standard turnaround is 5 working days.

However, if you need them quicker then you can select our express service, please ask for details.

We are able to offer incredibly fast turnaround times as we proudly manufacture in England unlike some of our competitors who get the cards printed in China, with typical turnaround time being 15 or 20 working days (or longer!)

Every day we are busy printing rush orders which must be dispatched on time. If you have a tight deadline please get in touch and see if we can help you. We will give you an honest answer, if we are unable to meet your deadline we will say so, we won't lie to you just to win your order! Also, if possible email your artwork to us so we can see exactly whats required.

fast turnaround time, just 5 working days
an actual plastic membership card will be posted to you to approve

Actual Plastic Membership Cards posted to you for approval

When you have approved yourrealistic email proof, we will then print and post an actual plastic card to you for your final approval.

The card that we post to you will be identical to how your cards will look when we print your full order so you are able to ensure that everything is perfect for you.

If your card has magnetic strips or barcodes, we will even apply these to the plastic card so you can check that they work perfectly with your scanners.

You would be amazed at how many customers order membership cards from us and give us the specification for the magnetic strip and encoding that they were given by their supplier for the hardware only to find that the cards don't scan because they were given the wrong information! It's great that this is picked up at the postal proof stage rather than the customer having hundreds or thousands of membership cards that they cannot use. It is always best to check and double check to ensure it is 100% perfect.

Vibrant full colour printing on both sides

Printed on each side in full colour (CMYK).

With a CMYK printing process, we are able to print almost any colour imaginable, which includes the printing of photographs with amazing clarity due to the resolution printing machinery.

cmyk printing

select a gloss or matt finish

Choose high gloss or luxury matt finish

You can select a high gloss or luxury matt finish for no extra charge.

We find that a high gloss finish keeps the colours as vibrant as possible. The luxury matt finish is perfect to give a more sophisticated look. A luxury matt finish is advised if the design has a very dark or black background as the luxury matt finish helps to mask light surface scratches better than high gloss finish.

Our Membership Cards are Solid Plastic

All our cards are solid plastic, they are not cheap imitations which have a card or paper core.

We print your design onto sheet of plastic which is then bonded in-between two crystal clear sheets of PVC plastic to protect your printing, making the print inside the plastic card so it cannot wear off.

If your card has optional extras like barcodes, sequential number or personalisation then we also print these inside the plastic to protect them from wearing off - unlike cheaper, low quality surface printed cards.

solid plastic not cheap card core imitation plastic
a wide range of optional extras are available

Membership Cards with Optional Extras

We have a wide range of optional extras like RFID Tags, embossing, write on panels / signature strips, barcodes and encoded or blank magnetic strips, details can be found here.

Our wide range of optional extras enable us to cater for virtually any requirement.

If you would like a personalised quotation with or without any optional extras, please pop your details on the quotation form here.

We will reply very quickly - typically within a few minutes!

Full Colour Membership Card Specifications

Our cards are the same size and thickness as a credit card (measuring 86 x 54mm and are 760 microns thick).

We also offer thinner cards at 680 or 420 microns thick. You can request a quotation here and a member of our sales team will email a quote to you very quickly.

Details regarding artwork specifications can be found here along with downloadable templates plus example files for use in Photoshop or Illustrator.


Membership Cards Video Example

A video of a card with a magnetic strip and embossing