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A beautiful black plastic card

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We recently printed a black plastic card with a large gloss black pattern in the background.

When we received the artwork from the customer, we thought it would look good when printed but not this good!

The gloss black ink when printed on a satin black plastic card gives a very subtle watermark type effect. It can be seen more clearly as the card is angled in the light.

Plastic cards, some crafty people

plastic cards special offer

We are still amazed by the number of people that try to get free postal proofs from us by claiming that it will lead to a big order. We have heard this story so many times over the years.

We had a customer try to do this today (a Manchester based Design company) and didn’t want to make an order – just wanted a postal proof (finished plastic card).

Customer got rather stroppy and got on his ‘high horse’ and next thing started complaining about everything (its amazing what people do when they simply don’t want to pay)

They were speaking to a member of our staff (Catherine) by asking half a dozen or so questions but never allowing Catherine to answer any. When Catherine could finally get a word in edge ways she said “I would like to answer your questions but you wont let me speak, how would you like me to help you?”

The customer then emailed to say our staff are rude!

We simply deleted his email and proceeded to concentrate on our many many other, polite and respectful customers.

This kind of ‘customer’ we can all do without!

We had to disappoint a repeat customer

plastic cards special offer

On Wednesday 12th August 2009 a repeat customer made an enquiry for some more plastic cards that were needed for Thursday 10th September 2009.

We provided a quotation and were told that they needed to wait for approval before sending the order over.

On Friday 21st August we contacted the customer regarding their possible order as we were aware of their deadline and were told that they were still waiting for approval and will be in touch asap.

Today, Monday 7th September, the customer has contacted us wanting to proceed with their order.

Unfortunately, due to current high workload (which is always the case this time of year due to lots of schools, colleges and universities starting the new academic year and requiring their plastic cards)

Our unfortunate reply was:

Thanks for your email, I am sorry but we can not meet your deadline.

Realistically we would be looking at approx. 21st September based on your order being placed and paid for today

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do for you as we are just simply swamped with work.

We could have met the deadline if we had received your order last Monday

Really sorry we cannot help you on this occasion but I do find it is best to be honest

Please just be cautious if you are promised the earth from another plastic card supplier regarding deadline

Delivery of plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

With all the snow around the UK at the moment it is causing problems with deliveries of some plastic cards orders for some customers, especially those in more remote areas where the roads have not been gritted at all. It is very disheartening for us as we always put 100% effort into every order to ensure it is printed to high quality and on time but we are always at the mercy of the courier companies when it comes to delivering the plastic cards order on time.

Plastic cards and how to order them

plastic cards special offer

The process to order our full colour solid plastic cards can be summarised by the following:

1) Customer emails artwork over to us

2) We provide a photo-realistic proof for checking by email

3) Customer approves the proof

4) We produce a postal proof actual finished card with the customers design on

5) Customers approves postal proof and we print the full order OR new artwork is submitted.

We offer the postal proofs so that customer can review the printing of the cards before we print the whole order. Occasionally customers will notice a typo or other mistake when viewing the postal proofs. Really this should have been picked up before they submitted there artwork to us or even when we send a PDF proof back to the customer to double check. However occasionally it takes until the hard copy proof doe these mistakes to be noticed.

We have noticed that when this happens it is amazing the number of customers who do not want to see the 2nd postal proof, although it took until this stage first time around for the mistake to be noticed. We do politely try to point this out to customers and most times they agree to the 2nd postal proof.

An example of this situation is below which happened this week:

“I collected the proof this morning and noticed that I got one of the telephone numbers wrong on the file I sent you.

I’ve attached a new front for the card which changes the mobile number from 07xxx xxx xxx to 07xxx xxx xxx.

As I am happy with the quality of the cards, I’m happy for you to email me a proof just showing the new telephone number etc (just so I know you’re using the new PSD file and not the old one).”

This customer is having 2nd postal proof!

We just wanted to point out that the proofs are a good idea to have!

Plastic card realistic email proofs

plastic cards special offer

We are amazed at how many customers email their artwork to us for their plastic cards and once they receive their photo-realistic proof back, they spot errors on their own artwork.
Below is an email we received this morning from one of our customers who had emailed their artwork to us and then received one our of photo-realistic proofs.
Yes all received

Just making a decision

I have noticed the freephone number is missing and there is a spelling mistake so I will need to send new artwork when we order.

Kind regards

Jane Murray
Sales Co-ordinator

We are glad that they spotted the error before a postal proof was sent to them, it is just a pity that they didn’t check their artwork before they sent it to us as this will save everyone time.

Foil printed plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Our most popular product ranges are the full colour solid plastic cards and the foil printed plastic cards. I wanted to briefly touch upon the foil printed cards. The most popular card from this range is the clear plastic cards.

I am note sure that many people are aware of this but the clear plastic cards, satin black plastic cards and metallic plastic cards are all printed using the same printing method.

This is really important to point out, as if you are thinking of starting a membership scheme you could utilise these different base cards to show different member categories, for example:

Frosted clear plastic cards: Standard membership

Metallic Silver plastic cards: For silver members (or perhaps platinum)

Metallic Gold plastic cards: For gold members

Satin black plastic cards: For very exclusive members

Obviously you can organise the different tiers of membership anyway you like and the above is just to give you an idea.

I hope this has given you something to think about. Please drop us an email if you would like a quote.

Clear plastic cards from America

plastic cards special offer

Hi all,

It has come to our attention that a lot of American companies are advertising clear plastic cards on the internet search engines. I just wanted to point out that we are a UK based company and our cards are produced in the UK.

This means that the production and shipping time for your order is not delayed by the cards having to cross waters or potentially been delayed by customs.

Also remember that we your order goods from America you will also be subject to duty (which I believe is 5%) and VAT (which we would obviously have to apply at the current rate of 15%).

Please come and purchase our clear cards, they are great!

Bye for now.

A nice email from a happy customer

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We received a nice email from a customer today. He had received his order and emailed to say “Cards arrived this morning…perfect…thank you”

The order was for just 100 full colour solid plastic cards 420 microns thick, for a web developer.

Personally I think that the design of the cards (done by the customer) look very classy with a black background and a matt finish. I am glad he is pleased with them.

Thank you for your comments, as I have stated just a few times before, emails from customers thanking us are always nice to receive and more than welcome.

Bye for now.

Changes to plastic cards pages

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

We have recently made some changes to the website, mainly the full colour plastic card pages, if anyone has spotted any errors with the new web pages or links that do not work, please let me know.

It’s always good to update webpages but there are potential problems which go with this, such as, links on the web pages not working properly.

Any help or suggestions are always welcome.

Catch you soon