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Free Artwork Service

Let us help you with your artwork

design studio Do you have a design in mind but you are unable to supply it "Ready to Print"?

Our FREE Artwork Service sounds ideal for you!

We can use your sketch, document, existing card or one of our examples to create your artwork for you.

If you prefer to design your card yourself or arrange for a designer to do it, here is a link to the artwork specifications so you can ensure your card is designed to the correct size and specification.

Simply email your finished design to us at so we can print your cards for you.

We will email a photo-realistic proof to you for approval.

Plus, if you supply your own artwork, we will check it and fix technical issues. (where possible) FREE of Charge.

Advanced Artwork Service

design studio, advanced artwork Do you have a logo, image or photograph that you would like printing on your plastic cards but you are unable to provide it to a high enough quality to print from?

Our Advanced Artwork Service sounds ideal for you!

We can take your low resolution or low quality image and create a high quality version for use on your plastic cards.

Perhaps you have a photograph which is too dark or there isn't enough background or sky to be able to use the photograph as a background to a plastic card design?

Using the latest computer software and plus our expertise, we can edit your images to give a fantastic end result!

Please get in touch for a quotation today.

Realistic Email Proof

a realistic proof is emailed to you

A photo-realistic proof will be
emailed to you for approval.
You can then request changes
& we will email a new
proof to you for approval.

A Plastic Card to Approve

a realistic proof is emailed to you

For our full colour cards, when you have approved your email proof we can print an actual Plastic Card of your design & post it to you to approve before we print your order.

Option 1 - Send us your document

Email your document (Word, Publisher Powerpoint, Excel etc.) to us and we will recreate it in a format we can print from and email you a realistic proof for you to approve.

Our email address is

Alternatively, you may already have an existing card and you would like us to replicate it.

If so, email a scan or a photograph of it along with any logos or graphics as separate files. (300 dpi minimum)

View additional information regarding high resolution images

Option 2 - Send us your sketch

We can create your artwork based on a sketch.

You can scan or a take a photo of it with your mobile and email it to us.

Please consider the following when creating your sketch:
- The required text
- The layout
- Font type, size and colourings (for the background and text)
- Positioning of any logos, images and optional extras.

Please ensure your sketch is clear and legible but don't worry if it is a little wonky or text isn't aligned as we can fix this for you.

Remember to send any logos or graphics as separate files. (300 dpi minimum)
View more information regarding high resolution images

Why do we need a sketch?

Option 3 - Choose one of our examples

You can choose one of our examples to base your design on.

We can include your logo within the design.
Just email any logos or photos as separate files. View information regarding high resolution images
If you like one of the examples but you require changes to the layout as you need to add more information than is on the example, please provide a document or sketch to showing the layout required.
Select a card type below to see examples:

Business Cards

full colour plastic business cards


membership cards


loyalty cards


event passes


key tags


frosted translucent clear plastic business cards

Satin Black

satin black plastic business cards


metallic plastic business cards


white plastic business cards

Angling Club
Membership Cards

angling club membership card examples

Archery Club
Membership Cards

archery club membership card examples

Athletics Club
Membership Cards

athletics club membership card examples

Badminton Club
Membership Cards

badminton club membership card examples

Boating Club
Membership Cards

boating club membership card examples

Membership Cards

bodybuilding club membership card examples

Bowling Club
Membership Cards

bowling club membership card examples

Boxing Club
Membership Cards

boxing club membership card examples

Canoeing Club
Membership Cards

canoeing club membership card examples

Cricket Club
Membership Cards

cricket club membership card examples

Cycling Club
Membership Cards

cycling club and pool club membership card examples

Football Club
Membership Cards

football club membership card examples

Golf Club
Membership Cards

golf club membership card examples

Gym Club & Leisure Club
Membership Cards

gym club and leisure club membership card examples

Hockey Club
Membership Cards

hockey club membership card examples

Motorsport and Car Club
Membership Cards

motorsport and car club membership card examples

Rowing Club
Membership Cards

rowing club membership card examples

Rugby Club
Membership Cards

rugby club membership card examples

Running Club
Membership Cards

running club membership card examples

Sailing Club
Membership Cards

sailing club membership card examples

Shooting Club
Membership Cards

shooting club membership card examples

Snooker & Pool Club
Membership Cards

snooker club and pool club membership card examples

Social Club
Membership Cards

social club membership card examples

Sports Club
Membership Cards

sports club membership card examples

Squash Clubs
Membership Cards

squash club membership card examples

Swimming Club
Membership Cards

swimming club membership card examples

Tennis Club
Membership Cards

tennis club membership card examples

Triathlon Club
Membership Cards

triathlon club and pool club membership card examples

Walking Club
Membership Cards

walking club membership card examples

Yachting Club
Membership Cards

yachting club membership card examples

Garden Centre
Gift Cards

garden centre gift card examples examples

Gift Cards

EPOS gift cards

Pub & Restaurant
Loyalty Cards

pub and restaurant loyalty cards

Farm Shop
Loyalty Cards

farm shop loyalty cards

Business Cards

electrician's business card examples

Business Cards

plumber's business card examples

Save The Date Cards

save the date cards

How to proceed with our
FREE Artwork Service

Step 1 - Place your order
Please email your artwork requirements as per options one to three above, along with the quantity and any optional extras you need, for example, sequential numbering or barcodes.

Our email address is

Step 2 - Your email proof is prepared
Once we have received your request, our studio will start work on your artwork.

A wonderful realistic proof will be emailed to you for approval, this usually takes around an hour or two.

Step 3 - If changes to your email proof are required
After seeing your email proof, if any changes are required, just reply to the email letting us know the alterations required. Your balancing payment is made at this stage and once received our studio can then make the changes for you and they will email a new proof to you to approve.

If you then require further changes, no problem, just email the changes to us and our studio will make the changes and email another proof to you for approval.

Step 4 - Approval to print your plastic cards
When we have received approval of the email proof, we then proceed to print your order.

If you have selected a full colour plastic card and opted for the postal proof we will proceed with the postal proof and aim to dispatch it to you for final approval in 3 working days.

Learn more about our postal proofs for plastic cards

Points to note:

For all 3 options, we will create a photo-realistic email proof for you to approve before we print your cards.

Any logos or graphics required on your cards need to be provided as high quality computer files (pdf, jpeg etc) - unfortunately we cannot provide any logos or graphics. Providing a hand drawn image depicting a logo or graphic isn't enough, we need the actual computer generated file.

We are offering a basic service which is limited to 30 minutes studio time per customer, this is more than adequate for the majority of orders.

If your artwork requirements are deemed as not suitable for the free artwork service or it becomes apparent during the email proofing stage that the service is not suitable, we will inform you and ask for either print ready artwork to be supplied or we will quote you for the work involved.

Please understand, we are not offering a graphic design service, nor do we employ graphic designers.
We are unable to offer: ideas / suggestions, design concepts, opinions on colour schemes or guidance on layouts etc.

We are genuinely trying to help you by offering this free service, however we do need your understanding and co-operation.

Our free artwork service

We are unable to create a range of designs for you to choose from.

We can create a design for you based on one of the many plastic card examples on our website.

We are unable to create a logo for you - logos are very personal and very time consuming to create, due to this we are unable to create logos.

We are unable to modify existing graphics such as your existing logo or edit or retouch photographs.

We are unable to identify fonts or provide suggestions e.g. asking us to choose a stylish / funky / sophisticated font. We are happy for you to tell us which font to use but we may ask you to provide the font file if we do not already have it.

Our FREE Artwork Service is a basic and simple service which is aimed to help people who don't have the ability to create their design in a printable format.

For our FREE (in-house) artwork service to apply to your order we do need you to choose one of the 3 options above.
If you can't or don't want to do this then unfortunately, we are unable to offer the free artwork service to you.

If this is the case we will ask you to supply artwork files that are ready to print or we may quote for you a freelance graphic designer to create your artwork files for you.

If you want to use your own graphic designer, please give them our artwork guides so they can create your design to the correct specification for us to print from.


Please remember, we are a Printing Company not a Graphic Design Company however, we do our best to offer assistance for people struggling to put their own idea into a printable format by offering to put your design together FREE of charge.

We do however reserve the right to ask for a deposit. This is not an extra cost to you, the service is still free.
We just ask for your order to be completed within 30 days of the deposit being made.

If we feel the free service is not suitable for you, we reserve the right to revoke it. You are still welcome to provide print ready files so that we can print the cards for you.

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