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Membership Card Printing

membership cards

Membership matters, whether it is to a sports club, retail store or service. Members are privy to a lot of benefits not available to non-members. Memberships increase a sense of pride via association, and breed loyalty. The precursor to establishing a 'members only' program/scheme or providing exclusive access or assigning VIP status is a membership card.

We've printed membership cards for all manner of businesses, spanning several verticals as diverse as gardening, fishing, paintball, yachting and health foundations. This experience allows us to suggest the most appropriate artwork that entices and engages your customers.

A membership card is more that just a rectangular piece of plastic that permits entry or assures attractive deals and discounts. It is a reminder of the relationship between the firm and its most important external stakeholder - the customer. Get the artwork and overall design right to create a desirable and reliable brand image.

As part of our membership card portfolio, we've printed simple ones with the name, year and membership number, to full-colour metallic cards, and customised graphics/artwork. There isn't any specification we cannot handle - take a look at our portfolio to understand how we can translate your expectations into superior quality plastic membership cards.

We also offer a number of optional extras to tailor cards to your specific needs, including embossing, signature strips and magnetic strips.

Event Pass Printing

event passes In the world of events, staying organized and seamless is the key to success. One way to ensure this is through an efficient ticketing system. This is where plastic event passes with lanyards come in.

Let's delve into some of the many benefits of these unique, modern event passes.

Our plastic event passes complete with lanyards if required, are not just tools for access control. They are also important branding material because they can be customized to represent your event's theme or your company's logo perfectly. This makes every participant or attendee a walking advertisement for your brand, extending its reach further than you could imagine.

The use of plastic event passes is a genius way to promote practicality. Tired of event participants losing their passes? Lanyards provide an easy and stylish solution to this problem. They not only keep the passes readily available to your attendees at all times, but they also protect these passes from damage and loss.

Speaking of protection, the plastic event passes themselves are made of high-quality, durable materials. This ensures that they can withstand different environments and use while still maintaining their readability and look. You can never underestimate the power of a professional-looking event pass in creating a good impression for your event.

In addition, plastic event passes add an elevated level of security to your event. They can be equipped with different security features such as barcodes or QR codes. This way, you can be assured of an authentic audience and point out any fraudulent entries swiftly.

Finally, the event pass can be a wonderful keepsake for event attendees. A well-designed and durable event pass can serve as a lasting reminder of a special event, be it a trade show, music festival, or corporate conference.

In conclusion, plastic event passes are not just a ticketing solution. They are a valuable marketing tool, a facilitator for efficient event management, a security measure, and even a commemorative souvenir. It's a small investment that brings massive benefits, thereby providing a great return.

Make the smart choice for your next event. Choose our event passes and experience these amazing benefits for yourself.

There isn't any specification we cannot handle - take a look at our event pass examples to understand how we can translate your expectations into superior quality event passes.

We also offer a number of optional extras to tailor cards to your specific needs, including sequential numbering, Barcodes, QR Codes, Personalisation and write on panels / signature strips.

Plastic Business Cards

full colour plastic business cards

Choosing the right business card can potentially influence first impressions and ultimately impact professional relationships. While a card-based business card is a traditional choice, here's why a plastic business card might be a preferable alternative:

Plastic business cards are extremely robust and resistant to damage compared to card-based ones. They can easily resist water, tearing and general wear and tear, making them longer-lasting. Your contact details remain intact and legible even after extended use or rough handling.

Unique Design Potential
Plastic business cards offer more flexibility for innovative and memorable designs. You can opt for transparent cards, metallic foiled aspects and embossed numbering just like a bank card. This provides a unique visual and tactile experience that can set you apart from competition.

A well-designed plastic card can imply a higher level of professionalism and convey the impression that your company is well-established and successful, which might give potential clients and partners more confidence in your business.

While it might sound counter intuitive, our plastic cards can be recycled, presenting a more environmentally friendly option than traditional paper cards, especially if your business is committed to being 'green'.

Plastic business cards are not limited to just sharing contact information. They can easily incorporate features such as barcodes, magnetic stripes or RFID smart chips, transforming them into multipurpose cards that can also function as loyalty cards, membership cards, or even access cards.

Retained Longer
Due to their distinct feel and robustness, plastic business cards are less likely to be discarded by recipients compared to card-based business cards. This provides more opportunities for your contact details to be at hand when your services are needed.

A plastic business card represents an investment in promoting your brand. It speaks volumes about your attention to detail, your commitment to your brand, and your desire to stand out from the crowd. So, for a strong, lasting impression, it might be worthwhile to opt for plastic business cards over the traditional card-based ones.

Paper business cards can crumple quite easily in wallets. A severely creased card often suffers the same fate as any piece of paper no longer in use - it is binned. Banks and vending machines may not accept badly worn or very crumpled notes as legal tender. Similarly, faded and wrinkled business cards with illegible details are of no use to anyone. Bottom line is, paper is not durable and paper business cards lose their sheen quickly.

Plastic business cards are significantly more durable than paper based ones. Plastic cards are highly resistant to water damage and fading. This has made them a practical choice for professionals who work out of an outdoor environment : construction workers, gardeners, boat or cruise operators, tour guides, forest rangers, marine biologists, agriculturists and urban planners, to name a few.

A robust, durable plastic business card is also a handy option for another reason. Some potential customers/clients may not contact you for many weeks or months. When they whip out your business card, you want it to look engaging and dynamic, and not tired and uninviting. This is more easily achieved with plastic than paper.

RFID Smart Cards

rfid smart cards

RFID smart cards are a type of contactless card that use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to communicate with a reader.

RFID smart cards have many advantages over traditional cards, such as:

Convenience: RFID smart cards do not need to be swiped or inserted into a reader, they only need to be in close proximity to the reader. This makes them faster and easier to use, especially in situations where speed and efficiency are important, such as public transport, access control, or payment processing.

Security: RFID smart cards have an embedded chip that can store encrypted data and perform cryptographic operations. This makes them more secure than magnetic stripe or barcode cards, which can be easily copied or tampered with. RFID smart cards can also support biometric authentication, such as fingerprint or facial recognition, for an extra layer of security.

Durability: RFID smart cards do not have any physical contact with the reader, which means they are less prone to wear and tear. They can also withstand harsh environments, such as water, dust, or extreme temperatures, without affecting their performance.

Versatility: RFID smart cards can store various types of data and support multiple applications on a single card. For example, a RFID smart card can be used as an ID card, a loyalty card, a transit card, and a payment card at the same time. RFID smart cards can also be customized in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs to suit different needs and preferences. RFID smart cards are the future of contactless technology. They offer a more convenient, secure, durable, and versatile solution for various industries and sectors. Whether you need to identify, authenticate, or authorize people or things, RFID smart cards can help you achieve your goals.

Combo Cards

combo cards

Combo cards are a great way to increase customer loyalty and convenience. A combo card consists of a standard sized plastic card (86 x 54mm) that is connected to a smaller key tag card (54 x 29mm).

The cards have the same barcode, QR code or personalisation, so they can be used interchangeably for the same purpose. For example, a combo card can be used as a membership card, a gift card, a loyalty card, or a discount card.

Some of the benefits of using combo cards are:

Customer satisfaction: Combo cards allow customers to choose how they want to use their cards. They can keep the larger card in their wallet or purse, or use the smaller key tag card attached to their keychain or lanyard. This way, they always have their cards handy and do not have to worry about losing them or forgetting them at home.

Brand exposure: Combo cards increase the visibility and recognition of your brand. Every time customers use their cards, they are reminded of your business and its services. The key tag card also serves as a mini billboard that showcases your logo and message to potential customers who see it on the customer’s keychain or lanyard.

Customer loyalty: Combo cards encourage customers to return to your business and spend more. By offering rewards, discounts, or incentives for using your cards, you can build customer loyalty and retention. You can also track customer behavior and preferences using the barcode or QR code and use this data to tailor your marketing campaigns and offers.

Cost-effectiveness: Combo cards are more cost-effective than printing separate cards for different purposes. You can save money on printing, mailing, and inventory costs by using one card for multiple functions. You can also reduce waste and environmental impact by using less plastic and paper.

Biodegradable Plastic Cards

biodegradable plastic cards

Biodegradable plastic cards represent a pivotal innovation in our journey towards eco-consciousness, offering an enticing blend of convenience and environmental responsibility. Biodegradable plastic cards offer the same functionality as non biodegradable plastic cards while reducing their environmental impact. Made from bio-sourced materials, these cards decompose in a compost environment after use, transforming into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. Unlike conventional plastic, which can take centuries to degrade, these break down in just a few years, with no harmful lingering effects on the environment.

Switching to biodegradable plastic cards demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices, enhancing your brand's reputation. Consumed by eco-conscious consumers, businesses offering biodegradable cards will find themselves favourably positioned. Besides, these cards stimulate innovation, providing an impetus for the development of more sustainable manufacturing processes and materials. They aren't a magic bullet for the world's plastic problem, but they're an important and achievable step in the right direction. Greater uptake and adoption of these products could help us mould a more sustainable future. It's less about sacrificing convenience and more about embracing environmentally sound alternatives.

Plastic-Free Board Cards

plastic-free board cards

Plastic-free board cards present a sustainable solution for modern business operations. Crafted from recyclable materials, these cards combine efficiency with response to environmental crisis. Businesses that opt for plastic-free board cards portray their strong commitment to sustainable operations, enhancing their corporate image, and winning customers who prioritize environmental responsibility over anything else. These cards ensure the continuation of current procedures without adding to the increasing landfills and jeopardizing marine life.

Moreover, plastic-free board cards set an influential precedent for other products in the market to follow suit. While being reusable, the fluid and crisp manufacturing of these cards does not compromise on their functionality or durability. Shifting to plastic-free board cards opens up avenues for creative innovation, new product lines, and eco-friendly design strategies. The aim is not to limit development but to ensure that it is done in a way that is not harmful to our environment. The use of these products marks a more responsible, resource-efficient future. It's time to phase out plastic. It's time to embrace a truly sustainable way of doing business.

We check your artwork for issues

If you supply your own artwork, we will check it and fix technical issues FREE of charge so you can be assured that your plastic cards will look perfect - plus we will email a photo-realistic proof to you for approval.

Free Artwork for Plastic Cards

Don't struggle with creating the artwork yourself, place your order with us and let us create your artwork FREE of charge.

Plus, if you supply your own artwork, we will
check it and fix technical issues (where possible)

Free Delivery

free delivery

That's right!
We offer FREE delivery on all orders (within England).

Free artwork available with every order

Free Delivery on all orders (within England)

Wonderful realistic email proof normally provided within one hour

For our full colour cards an actual plastic card can be printed & posted to you for final approval

Standard turnaround time is 7 working days

High quality manufactured in England

We check your artwork & fix technical issues found (if possible)

Plastic Card of the Week

Plastic Cards for Catherine Wilburn Gardening Services is design of the week

Catherine Wilburn - Gardening Services

Catherine from Catherine Wilburn Gardening Services contacted us last week for some plastic business cards for her newly formed Gardening Company.

Catherine emailed her logo to us for her plastic cards. She wanted some plastic business cards to really stand out from the crowd and to be durable as they will be getting wet etc. due to the nature of her work.

Catherine is based in Whitchurch, Shropshire & has over 12 years gardening experience.

Thanks for your order Catherine, we hope you like your cards.

some of our happy customers

Loyalty Card Printing

loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are an effective means of increasing sales, generating extra business and attracting positive word-of-mouth about your company. That's not all; they can also be used to understand your customers better by tracking their shopping habits and customising loyalty offers accordingly. Loyalty cards shine the spotlight on new products or services : they may encourage customers to try out something new for a discount or a 'buy one get one free' offer.

Not surprisingly, loyalty cards are as common as they come, especially in the retail sector. That means your have to match or surpass offers from competing companies to boost your bottom line and retain customer loyalty. While we cannot help you design competitive offers, we can assist with the 'optics', the way you present your loyalty programs. We have been doing it successfully with our top-quality printed plastic loyalty cards.

Get your loyalty cards designed in a unique, eye-catching way utilising the full colour printing process. Keep it simple and subtle or imprint your logo prominently on both sides.

Sometimes, a great design and state-of-the-art construction can be a huge motivator to put the card to use. We provide assistance with artwork to enable the creation of engaging, inviting loyalty cards that don't end up being showpieces but actually get used.

Frosted Translucent Business Card Printing

frosted translucent clear plastic business cards

Want some unique business cards that grab attention hook, line and sinker? A transparent or translucent effect creates instant visual interest and intrigues people. Communicate your sense of aesthetic and distinguish yourself from the competition with translucent/transparent plastic cards with a frosted finish.

The effect is achieved by polymer plastic that diffuses the light passing through it. That makes it possible to incorporate distinctive design elements such as tints or watermarks. The artwork can be reproduced with fine detail and clarity - your customers won't be able to take their eyes off your business card!

Another advantage is the use of dazzling metallic inks on the plastic, which are extremely popular among our clients. Where standard pigment inks make more sense, the overall effect is also stunning. Also make sure you consider holoprint, that looks like metallic silver until you angle it towards the light and all the colours of the rainbow are reflected! This effect is highly sought-after among entrepreneurs and design professionals looking to maximise impact.

To make an informed decision on the choices and optional extras before you, review the realistic mock-up we send you digitally via email. We are committed to working around your exact requirements until you have selected the perfect solution.

Initiate a lasting relationship with a one-of-a-kind translucent/transparent business card that creates a great first impression.

Satin Black Plastic Card Printing

satin black plastic business cards

Black signifies power, authority and mystery. It is stylish, elegant and luxurious. If you think a satin black business card fits in nicely with your brand image or you want your card to be unique from the more common white business cards, we have the perfect solution for you.

Satin black plastic cards have two key components : the black polymer plastic and a matte satin finish. The black background allows room to create contrasts in colour or texture for a dramatic effect. Another visually striking effect is gloss black ink on a matte black background. The matte satin offers a nice tactile feel and lends a healthy dose of refinement to the business or loyalty card.

Thanks to an opaque surface, this printing format maximises surface area available for printing details and incorporating artwork. Though we think you should make the most of the available space, we feel that artwork spanning the full area can diminish the impact of the black canvas and get a bit over-the-top. We are happy to provide professional tips and insights on what is likely to work best.

We print plastic business cards with assured durability and resistance to fading. You can expect satin black plastic cards to retain their sheen for a long time.

Clients seeking a minimalist yet impactful design either opt for black or white. If you're looking for a change from the more conventional white plastic card, satin black is an effective solution to consider.

Metallic Plastic Card Printing

metallic plastic business cards

The easiest way to get noticed is to shine! Metallic plastic cards have the singular purpose of grabbing eyeballs and being spotted among a wad of less memorable cards. If you seek something unique and inviting, metal is the way to go. It has serious bragging rights and is increasingly becoming popular among our clientele.

Business cards are an important element of your overall brand or personal marketing efforts. You may be aiming to be conspicuous among a sea of competitors, and exploring ways to beat them on the quality and engagement value of your marketing campaigns. A dynamic card that impresses with its unique feel can do its bit to drive interest in your brand at an event, meet-up or party.

We can print metallic plastic cards in silver or gold for a luxurious and lively effect. They don't have to be business cards - you can hand out flamboyant membership cards in a striking pigment colour or a shiny metallic hue to attract high-value customers' interest.

Made from plastic, our cards provide reliable strength and durability. You don't have to worry about your cards getting crumpled easily or losing their lustre within wallets or from frequent handling. If you're worried about torn edges or damage resulting from dirt and water, metallic plastic cards can withstand the elements more effectively than paper cards. Take a look at our portfolio to determine your design direction.

White Plastic Card Printing

white plastic business cards

If you believe that 'less is more', white plastic cards can exude the modern, clean and professional look you seek. You can still stand out - without being flashy -– and by communicating basic contact details and artwork/logo on a pristine white, reflective surface.

There is another strategic reason to choose white. In the way that black creates an attractive contrast, white helps the artwork standout and draws attention to its colours and intricacies. For instance, a holoprint on a white background can bring out the rainbow colours clearly and compellingly.

A white back effect can be as appealing if not more than a matte black surface. We offer both options, so you can actually explore both or get a loyalty card in one finish and a business card in another. The choice is up to you; what we can promise is a fantastic output with crisp, vivid prints in high-quality inks and an accurate representation of the artwork you've specified.

A white background is opaque, allowing printing on both sides and maximum use of the available surface area. If you want to include artwork or multiple details or messages, split them between the two sides instead of using small fonts and cramming them into a limited space.

We're partial to plastic for its durability, strength and resistance to dirt and moisture.

Key Tag Printing

key tags

A plastic key tag is a powerful way to keep your business front-and-center in customers' minds. They have it with them at all times, use it often, and it is rare for the card to be misplaced as we're generally very careful with our home, car or drawer keys. Extract maximum advantage from this unique marketing opportunity with visually striking, high-quality and long-lasting plastic key tags.

Custom printed key tags help differentiate your business. A full-colour tag with vibrant colours is also easy to spot and retrieve as and when needed. For maximum impact, consider a high gloss finish that brings the key into clear view while also drawing attention to your business name and logo each time customers use their keys. Few other marketing solutions offer this kind of constant exposure and engagement.

You may wish to hand out key tags to loyal customers or clients as an end-of-the-year gift. Talk to us about personalisation options where the name of the customer and a thank you message can be included along with your logo and contact details.

Membership Cards Printing for Clubs

premium quality

First impressions count, so ensure your members are impressed with your organisation when you issue your membership cards.

A great looking membership card will also entice your members friends and family to become members.

Membership cards and plastic cards have always been popular as people keep them to hand at all times and unlike card based cards they stay looking great.

We print all sorts of plastic cards from plastic business cards, loyalty cards, membership cards and discount cards. We have many years experience plus designing them and we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality, produced here in England combined with a fast and friendly service and quick turnaround times. We strive to offer complete satisfaction, honest advise and do all we can to meet deadlines for rush orders.

Please contact us for a quotation, also if you have a design, pop it on an email to us at then we can better assess your needs and offer you better advise. We are very quick at replying to emails so expect a reply within in minutes (during working hours) but we do sometimes work late in the evening and weekends to keep on top of the work.

If you want to create your own design we have lots of artwork guidance plus various examples for you to get inspiration from.

If you do send us your finished design and we notice any technical issues with it, we will try to fix the issues free of charge - we really are here to help you! So get in touch!

Plastic Cards

Plastic business cards are very popular compared to the normal type of business card as they are far more durable and create a much better first impression. Our website shows lots of examples which we can design and produce ranging from a single colour to full colour.

Membership cards

Membership cards are required by various clubs and organisations. We can take care of all your requirements in an easy and flexible manner and provide you with a quality service to ensure that your membership cards are professionally printed. Remember, we offer a free artwork service

Plastic Card Printing

Plastic Card printing is a professional job. It is best handled by companies which have a lot of experience in this field and are reputed for their work - we are one such company! Whatever your needs are, we can take care of all your plastic card printing requirements whilst ensuring the highest quality work combined with speedy and friendly communication.

Loyalty cards

Various establishments like to issue loyalty cards to their customers. These enable them to procure various offers which are specially designed for loyal customers. It is also vital to have them professionally designed and printed. We can offer you some fantastic options for the printing requirements of your loyalty cards which include embossing, barcodes, signature strips, metallic foiling, please ask for details.

Printed in England

We produce our plastic cards in England which means we can offer a quick delivery as we don't import them from overseas. Lots of our customers are local to us in Whitchurch, Shropshire but we find that many of our customers come from London and the south east. Most of our customers try to find local companies for their printing needs and come to us for their plastic card printing from areas such as Chester, Nantwich, Audlem, Wrexham, Shrewsbury, Market Drayton, Stoke on Trent, Crewe, Northwich, Warrington, Manchester Telford, Birmingham and all over Cheshire and Lancashire, Shropshire, Staffordshire and Wales.

Free Artwork for your plastic cards

Many companies find our free artwork service is more than a help to them, they find that it is absolutely essential as they simply cannot provide artwork as they don't have the ability to do it or the budget to pay a designer. To say that our customers are pleased with the end result is an understatement! As a result most of our work comes from repeat customers and recommendations from existing customers.

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