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Plastic Business Cards

Our full colour plastic business cards are the perfect choice if you are looking for the ultimate durable solid plastic card. The printing is under the surface so it is protected from being worn away and as with all our cards, we print them in England which means we can deliver them to you very quickly and we offer free artwork for all orders.

Plastic Cards Printing

Over the last 21 years we have provided plastic business cards for all types of businesses, solicitors, accountants, photographers, insurance brokers, chauffeurs, gardeners, florists, builders etc. We specialise in offering the highest quality with quick and efficient delivery.

They can be printed on both sides in glorious full colour and the printing is under the surface to ensure it will not wear off over time unlike cheap surface printed plastic cards.

Professionally printed Plastic Business Cards

During the last 21 years we must have printed every type of plastic business card imaginable. The majority of our work is from repeat customers as our quality, customer service and prices are second to none.

printing plastic cards for over 21 years All our plastic cards are printed in England and are solid, high quality PVC plastic which can be easily recycled.

You will find cheaper cards on the internet but they will be low quality imports from China. However, you will probably not be aware of this, as companies who outsource production to China don't like to advertise that the cards are printed thousands of miles away and that they have no control over the manufacturing process and the quality will be ... well, as you would expect for a cheap import from China!

plastic business cards

About our Plastic Business Cards

plastic business cards Our Plastic Business Cards are printed in full colour (CMYK) plus we offer a wide range of optional extras which include sequential numbering, signature strips, barcodes, magnetic strips, embossing.

We offer free artwork for all orders so you can rest assured that ordering your plastic business cards will be hassle free and your cards will print perfectly.

Specifications of our Plastic Business Cards

plastic business cards specifications Our plastic business cards are the highest quality and are solid plastic.
Beware of cheaper, lower quality paper core 'plastic' cards!

Our plastic business cards are standard ISO CR80 size measuring 86 x 54mm and are 760 microns (0.76mm) thick.

We also offer thinner plastic cards. We can apply either a super shiny gloss or luxury sophisticated matt finish.

Benefits of Plastic Business Cards

plastic card example

At a networking event;

At a fund-raising gala where business owners and leaders are expected to congregate;

At a trade show;

At your local church, temple, mosque or synagogue;

….people are exchanging plastic business cards, not tapping their phones together.

The tradition of exchanging business cards continues even in the age of smartphones. If you want to make a first good impression and establish a connection, a business card is your go-to, even before you contact a potential client, customer, supplier or business partner on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Plastic business cards offer a personal touch that electronic lists just cannot. They are a solid investment for any company, professional or business owner, serving as a physical reminder of having met someone in person rather than trying to understand them via a Google search.

All plastic business cards are not created equal. Some are more attractive and compelling than others. Their construction is one of the factors contributing to their quality and the perceived value of your business. Plastic business cards trump their paper counterparts in this regard, and have become the preferred choice of savvy businesses and professionals not just in the UK but across the world.

Durable Plastic Business Cards

plastic card example

Full colour plastic business cards are striking and never fails to create a strong impact. If you're looking for a vibrant and enticing loyalty, membership or gift card, going full-colour is an excellent option to explore. It can also work well if you're trying to drive conversations around your start-up, or work in a creative field or in the childcare/children's education industry. Plastic business cards with vivid colours or with with a humorous message or imaginative artwork can speak volumes about your own skills and image.

A fully coloured background can serve as a nice canvas to feature your own artwork from your professional portfolio. Among our clients who've provided their own sketches are visual creatives, photographers and designers. Differentiate your business and stand out from the competition with memorable full coloured plastic cards that resonate with people. The point of a business card is to make people remember you for a long time, if not permanently imprint you in their minds. With continued use and after recommending your business a few times, your brand will become unforgettable. Your business card deserves some credit for making you memorable!

As our plastic cards are printed in colour under the surface, the shades are rendered brightly and accurately. Leverage sharp graphics and bright colours to be seen 'first' when customers open their wallet. Have a look at how we can create engaging full-colour plastic cards to suit various business requirements.

Reasons to start looking at plastic business cards today

plastic card example

Visual quotient

A business card doesn't have to be 'all business'; designers and creatives are adding snippets of their work and even their Instagram feed on the back of their business cards. The modern business card isn't a calling card, it's a representation of your business and capabilities. It can be humorous, edgy or a piece of art in itself. Of course, it can also be strictly professional with only your name and contact information, but it must be elegant and appealing.

How do plastic business cards outperform paper cards on aesthetics? In two key ways, actually. Colours render extremely well on plastic. Compare a vibrantly coloured plastic card with a full-colour paper card and you'll instantly see the difference. A plastic business card is more visually stimulating and holds your attention longer.

The tactile appeal of plastic business cards cannot be replicated by paper. They are more substantial and smoother to touch, which enhances the experience of holding and handling them. If you're looking for something shiny and glamorous, a high gloss finish is ideal. For a refined and somber look, a luxury matte finish is the more suitable option.

More choices in artwork

example Continuing from the point above, a variety of artwork and design render well on plastic. A plastic medium allows room for versatility and creativity in a way not possible with a paper base. This is a unique advantage that enables our clients to specify exactly what they need and get it done beautifully!

We get a number of requests for optional extras such as embossing and for membership cards and loyalty cards, magnetic strips and signature strips are a part and parcel of the order requests. Plastic is best suited to these applications, and allow not only us to expand our range of offerings, but also enable you to create cards that serve dual purposes. Where there is a requirement for NFC cards embedded with NFC chips to trigger single-tap sharing of phone numbers, website links and social networking profiles to smart devices, plastic is the default material.

Make an unforgettable impression with plastic business cards and position yourself as a company/professional who stays ahead of the times. It starts here – go for it.

Plastic Business Cards

Our plastic business cards are very high quality and are printed in the UK by a full colour CMYK printing process.


Email your artwork to us at, for artwork specifications etc see our artwork guidance page.

To help you we can fix technical issues (if possible) with your artwork free of charge.

We are a leading UK company that has manufactured durable plastic business cards for many years and most of our work is repeat work from our many happy customers.

Our full colour plastic cards are very high quality and you will find our prices are a lot lower than our competitors plus we produce them right here in the UK. Along with our low prices we also offer very fast turnaround times. Our plastic business cards are popular due to their modern and professional image and durability which results in them having instant impact to your prospective customers.

As we use a CMYK printing process, you can have as many colours printed as you want on either one or both sides for the same price. Photographs, images and logos etc are printed with stunning clarity.

You can email your artwork to us at, for full details regarding sending us your artwork see our artwork guidance page.


If you are after for a modern looking plastic business card you may want to choose a matt finish rather than a gloss. The cards just ooze sophistication when a matt finish is applied.

We are a leading UK company that has manufactured these stunning cards for many years and they continue to impress people time after time.

With our CMYK printing process we can print gradients, shading / halftones and very small fine/intricate detail easily. Large solid areas of print coverage are easily printable, which is not possible with some printing processes.

Small details always make the difference - For every business owner, being on the market means a fight. A fight to get the attention of customers. To make them loyal and for them to trust your services and products to such a degree that they will recommend your brand to others as well.
How do you achieve this? By being careful about your services and products, about your image and about what your clients have to say. The market is not what it used to be. Today, every little detail can make the difference between being successful and failing, because clients are pickier than ever.

Never settle for less and do not compromise the quality of what you provide, even when it comes to the business cards you offer to your clients. Yes, even something this small can draw the right type of attention, or not. Just like you wouldn't appear in front of the client wearing a T-shirt and sneakers because you care about your image, you should also care about the image of your brand and business. A clean office, a nice logo, and high-quality plastic business cards are details that show you care.
It is true that paper business cards can be cheaper, but you risk for clients to see you this way as well. Just think about what happens if your customer puts the business card in the pocket of a jacket and is caught by rain, or the jacket ends up in the washing machine. Yes, all the contact details mentioned on the business card will be unreadable. Thus, there are high risks for the customers not to get back at you, as they no longer have your contact details.

It is your reputation at stake, so offering quality products and services should be a priority. If you wish your clients to enjoy the best products and services, tailored to their needs and requirements, why would you offer them a paper business card? It comes in contradiction with your concept of providing quality to clients. Such a strategy will not bring you the desired results, if you want to impress issue a plastic business card.

It is true that the plastic business cards will cost you a little extra, but it is an investment you will make rarely. They are more durable and keep their great and appearance for a very long time without becoming dog-eared, even if they are subjected to water, moisture or are not kept in the best conditions. They can be personalised to reflect the image of your brand.
In case you want to find the best quality, service and prices on the market, when it comes to plastic business cards and find the best designs, you need to turn to a reliable partner for this. Again, it is a matter of preferring quality over quantity, a detail that will surely be noticed by everyone. Also, when you are managing a business, you want to be sure that its funds are spent wisely, not thrown out the window. This means putting your money in something durable, of high-quality and representative for your brand, without putting the budget in danger. If you don't think such a thing is possible, then you did have not spoken to the right person yet. Look in the right place and you will see that quality services are not necessarily expensive or rare.

So, are you ready to offer only the best there is to your clients? The plastic business cards should be a part of your brand. Don't be like the rest and choose to give something sub-standard, in a sign of appreciation, for everybody that is willing enough to trust your brand. Have in mind that the plastic cards you offer to someone, may be a great mean of marketing as well. Anyone in the entourage of the person bearing the card will want to know more about it, including who produced it. Everyone wishes to be a part of an exclusive group, where quality, reliability and appreciation is prime. Thus, do not lose the every opportunity to promote your brand and show your customers, including potential clients, that your services and products are worth it. With the high number of companies that strive to make it on the market, a well-chosen detail is more important than it ever was, having the power to put a brand on the top of preferences.

Stand Out With Plastic Business Cards

plastic business cards Business cards are an essential feature for professionals looking to make an impact in the industry and build up a strong network of contacts. When attending a multitude of social events it can be easy for you to not remember exactly everyone you meet. In the same way you may not stand out to some of your most important potential contacts. Therefore it is important that you provide a unique business card that stands out from everyone else's.

Plastic Business Cards Make The Right Impression
Plastic business cards are an effective way to form a positive and professional impression. They reflect an individual who is well established in their field and with the right design you cannot be easily forgotten.

At CP Cards you can utilise their free design services to create a plastic business card that is stylish, memorable and completely unique to you. Steer clear of cookie cutter business card designs with the freedom to include sharp printed imagery and other additional features like embossing and possibly even a signature strip if you want added authenticity.

Colour Plastic Cards Services
CP Cards provide full transparency in their plastic card printing services. Throughout the design and production process you will receive emails with realistic proofs of your card and a physical plastic card will be posted to you for final approval.

With a fast turnaround of approx 7 working days, no matter what your order size is you don't have to wait weeks on end for your professional plastic business cards. They are the same size as a standard credit card with rounded corners and can have a high gloss or luxury matt finish at no extra cost.

Contact CP Cards
To begin making a lasting impression with new business associates order plastic business cards from CP Cards.

Plastic Card Printing & Free Design

plastic business cards Whether you are a businessman, solicitor, accountant, florist or a broker, your plastic business cards are important and CP Cards can help you. We deliver a wide range of funky designs suiting your needs at extremely reasonable prices. We use great quality plastic material for plastic card printing that is water proof, scratch proof, flexible and highly durable. These cards are printed in solid colours on both sides, credit card sized with the option of a glossy or matt finish.

Make Your Business Creative With Plastic Card Printing
Our free design service includes full colour, satin, metallic, frosted and white backgrounds, carefully incorporating all the required data for the necessary plastic business cards. We charge different rates depending on the intensity of use of colour and the amount of orders and all of our cards are very cost effective and long lasting. The plastic card printing is undertaken by highly trained professionals using advanced technology, our intricate designs give the desired look for your business, making your brand complete. We offer bulk orders across the whole of the UK and promise to dispatch them within five working days.

Great Quality Plastic Business Cards at Great Prices
Our range of artwork can be seen by looking at our sample sets online, which give you an overall idea of their creativity in terms of plastic card printing. If you would like any further information about any of our products, e-mail us today for the best quality plastic business cards in UK.

Great Range Of Plastic Business Cards
CP Cards bring you a diverse range of unique plastic business cards, whether for a florist, doctor, accountant, insurance broker or photographer. The company is highly in demand for their activity as we help companies and individuals promote their business and build brand awareness. Different coloured cards are available with unique patterns of complete fill, black, white, frosted and metallic for plastic business cards that help promote your business effectively. We offer great deals while undertaking bulk orders at great prices.

Flattering Designs For Plastic Card Printing
These plastic business cards are long lasting, credit card sized, printed on both sides and water proof with great quality plastic coatings. CP Cards recruit highly skilled professionals for printing these cards and ensure that they deliver high quality service to their customers. For example, they email their designs for the final approval and can make extra changes and amendments before taking final orders. The rates charged are very reasonable and vary with the designs, colours and patterns to be used. The technology used for plastic card printing is state of the art and the colour and plastic quality is second to none. You can opt for making your plastic business cards glossy or matt finish at no additional cost. We offer sample patterns online on our website and post the finished plastic business cards to your address for final approval.

Create Your Own Unique Plastic Business Cards Today

CP cards guarantee the quality of the cards and always ensure a fast and efficient service.

Low quality plastic cards.
beware of cheap, low quality plastic cards printed in China!

beware of cheap plastic cards

We only produce high quality plastic cards.
A customer who was shopping around on price once said to me:
"A plastic card is a plastic card, right?"
No I replied! As with everything in life you get what you pay for, high quality plastic cards do cost more than low quality plastic cards.

From feedback over the last year we have realised that a lot of companies are offering cheap full colour plastic cards that are imported from China.

Some of the problems are as follows:

Hard copy proofs (if available)
Are not printed on the same machine as the full order - what is the point in this?

Barcodes and sequential numbering are surface printed.
They look fine at first but after a couple of months of use they will rub, off causing administration nightmares!

Missed deadlines
As the cards are shipping in from China the lead times are excessive and the customer is not made aware of this when ordering (instead the customer is often lied to and believes the cards will arrive is 7 working days or less!). We have had customers re-order their plastic cards from us as they have been let down and have therefore paid twice for their plastic cards.

Poor quality
We have received feedback to say that the quality is very poor with the plastic cards having rough edges & major colour variations in the same batch of cards.

Finally, a picture speaks a thousand words;
Take a look at the photo below. Not only are the barcodes surface printed but the whole card has fallen apart! To be 100% clear we did not print these!
beware of low quality plastic cards

What we are trying to point out is that plastic cards are not the same, if you receive a cheap price for plastic cards then its cheap for a reason. I can not verify this personally but a reliable source tells me that the working conditions in these Chinese factories is appalling.

Please support UK manufacturing and ensure your cards are not produced in China. All our cards are manufactured in England.

If you have experienced any problems with cards produced in China please let us know we would love to include it on the list above.

optional extras heading

Free Delivery

free delivery

That's right!
We offer FREE delivery on all orders (within England).

Fast Turnaround Time

fast turnaround time

We aim to dispatch your order in
7 working days
Express turnaround is also available.

Made in England

made in england

Our Plastic Cards are printed in England, they are not cheap imports from China.

We take care and pride in our work and offer the highest quality and service.

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Realistic Email Proof

a realistic proof is emailed to you

A photo-realistic proof
will be emailed to you for
approval before we
proceed with printing
your plastic cards.

A Plastic Card to Approve

a realistic proof is emailed to you

We can print an actual Plastic Card from your artwork with any optional extras as applicable and post it to you to approve before we print your whole order.

Optional Extras Available

We have a wide range of optional extras such as signature strips, barcodes, magnetic strips and embossing.

Specifications for our Plastic Business Cards

Our Plastic Business Cards are solid plastic and are printed in vibrant full colour (CMYK) on both sides under the surface for maximum durability. Choose from a high gloss or luxury matt finish.

Artwork Specs & Guides

We have artwork guidance to help you create your artwork in the correct way so your plastic card order is processed as quickly as possible.


We have many plastic card examples to give you ideas and inspiration.

Solid PVC - 100% Recyclable

solid PVC plastic cards

Our plastic cards are solid PVC so they are
very durable and can be easily recycled.

Advanced Artwork Service

design studio, advanced artwork Do you have a logo, image or photograph that you would like printing on your plastic cards but you are unable to provide it to a high enough quality to print from?

Our Advanced Artwork Service sounds ideal for you!

We can take your low resolution or low quality image and create a high quality version for use on your plastic cards.

Perhaps you have a photograph which is too dark or there isn't enough background or sky to be able to use the photograph as a background to a plastic card design?

Using the latest computer software and plus our expertise, we can edit your images to give a fantastic end result!

Please get in touch for a quotation today.

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All our prices include FREE ARTWORK plus if you are supplying your own artwork we can check and fix technical issues (if possible) FREE of charge

How to Order your Plastic Business Cards

Learn how quick and easy it is for you to place your order with us.

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