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Event Passes & Backstage Passes

Our event passes measure 70 x 100 mm and can have a hole or slot for a lanyard to be clipped to.

event passes printed

Event Pass Printing

event passes printed
printing since 1993

Over the years we must have printed every type of event pass imaginable. The majority of our work is from repeat customers as our quality, customer service and prices are second to none.

From corporate conventions to music festivals, the necessary yet often overlooked detail of such events is the means of identification that grants participants access, delineates roles, and adds a professional touch - event passes. In recent years, event organizing has been revolutionized by a product that brings convenience and quality, plastic event passes, that creates a streamlined check-in experience, lasting mementos, and an air of class.

All our event cards are printed in England and are solid, high quality plastic.

You will find cheaper event passes on the internet but they will be low quality imports from China (usually with long 10 to 15 working day turnaround times)

However, you will probably not be aware of this, as companies who outsource production to China don't like to advertise that the event passes are printed thousands of miles away and that they have no control over the manufacturing process and the quality will be ... well, as you would expect for a cheap import from China!

Examples of some of the type of events that we have printed event passes for are:

Music Festivals, Trade Shows/Expositions, Film Festivals, Concerts, Sporting Events Theme Parks, Theater Performances, Conferences, VIP Experiences, Museum Exhibitions, Culinary Festivals, Comedy Shows, Charity Galas, Professional Workshops, Art Fairs, Video Game Tournaments, Book Signings/Author Events, Guided Tours, Live Television Shows, Educational Seminars ... the list is endless!

Our event passes are very durable as they are solid plastic and are printed in vibrant full colour (CMYK) on each side under the surface for maximum durability, plus you can choose a high gloss or luxury matt finish.

We can help you by creating your artwork for you free of charge, or if you are supplying your own artwork we can check it for technical issues and fix them free of charge so they will print perfectly.

Event Passes with optional extras

We have a wide range of Optional Extras to ensure that your event passes are perfect for your requirements.

optional extras heading

Our vast range of optional extras combined with our competitive prices and fast, friendly service makes us a market leader which keeps our customers retuning time after time as well as recommending us.

The majority of event passes that we print have a QR code or Barcode. These can either contain a sequential number or other details from within an Excel file that you supply. We can even print personalised details onto each event pass, for example, their name, type of pass, expiry date etc.

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free delivery

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We offer FREE delivery on all orders (within England).

Fast Turnaround Time

fast turnaround time

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7 working days
Express turnaround is also available.

Made in England

made in england

Our Event Passes are printed in England, they are not cheap imports from China (usually with long 10 to 15 working day turnaround times).

We take care and pride in our work and offer the highest quality and service.

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A printed Event Pass to Approve

a realistic proof is emailed to you

We can print an actual Plastic Event Pass from your artwork with any optional extras as applicable and post it to you to approve before we print your whole order.

Optional Extras

We have a wide range of optional extras such as QR codes, Barcodes, Sequential numbering etc.

Event Passes specifications

All our event passes are solid plastic and are printed in vibrant full colour (CMYK) on each side under the surface for maximum durability. Choose a high gloss or luxury matt finish.

Artwork Specs & Guides

We have artwork guidance to help you create your artwork in the correct way so your order is processed as quickly as possible.

Event Passes Examples

We have many examples to give you ideas and inspiration.

Advanced Artwork Service

design studio, advanced artwork Do you have a logo, image or photograph that you would like printing on your event passes but you are unable to provide it to a high enough quality to print from?

Our Advanced Artwork Service sounds ideal for you!

We can take your low resolution or low quality image and create a high quality version for use on your event passes.

Perhaps you have a photograph which is too dark or there isn't enough background or sky to be able to use the photograph as a background to a event pass design?

Using the latest computer software and plus our expertise, we can edit your images to give a fantastic end result!

Please get in touch for a quotation today.

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All our prices include FREE ARTWORK plus if you are supplying your own artwork we can check and fix technical issues (if possible) FREE of charge

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Professionally printed plastic Event Passes

Unlike their paper counterparts, plastic event passes are crafted from durable materials, designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of event environments. Whether it's a bustling tech conference or a high-energy rock concert, these badges provide a tangible, long-lasting symbol of participation. They're water-resistant, tear-resistant, and more visually appealing, allowing event-goers to carry them around without fear of damage.

One of the standout features of plastic event passes is their adaptability and customizability. Organizers can imprint logos, barcodes, QR codes, or even pictures onto these passes. Not only does this enhance branding opportunities, but it also simplifies the check-in process. Event staffers can easily scan a barcode or QR code to verify a guest's credentials. This advancement in technology can greatly reduce wait times for participants, making their initial event experience a positive one.

Equally important is the security aspect. Plastic event passes are harder to duplicate or tamper with, compared to traditional paper ones, offering an added layer of security. Organizers can add unique identifiers, holographic overlays, or even deploy RFID technology for advance verification processes. This means event participants can enjoy uninterrupted access, and event hosts can maintain control over their venues.

Accessibility is also a massive advantage for plastic event passes. The plastic event pass can be attached to lanyards, clipped to clothing, or even worn as wristbands. This versatility ensures that attendees can display their identification without causing any inconvenience. For instance, an outdoor adventure event would benefit greatly from plastic wristband passes which wouldn't interfere with the activities.

More than just functional, plastic event passes also offer aesthetic value. Whether they're sleek and minimalistic or vibrant and eye-catching, event passes can be designed to match the aesthetic of the event. They contribute to the atmosphere and help create a cohesive event identity. After the event, these passes often become keepsakes. Attendees can look back at their sturdy, well-designed, and branded plastic event pass years down the line, invoking meaningful memories of the occasion.

In terms of the environment, new advancements have even allowed the introduction of biodegradable plastic passes, which degrades over a few years, therefore reducing the impact on the planet. This advancement caters to increasingly environmentally-conscious consumers and offers a greener alternative to conventional plastic.

Considering the numerous advantages, it's no surprise that plastic event passes have become the standard for modern event organizing. They're a testament to the progress that has been made in improving attendees' experience, providing efficient solutions for access control and visitor identification, while remaining a stylish accessory. In an era where first impressions can make or break an experience, plastic event passes are an excellent tool to surprise and delight attendees right from the get-go.

In conclusion, the adoption of plastic event passes is an elegant solution to numerous logistical challenges posed in event planning. They stand for convenience, security, aesthetic value, and even environmental consciousness, rightfully becoming an inherent facet of events in various industries. As we march on into a future where in-person events are designed to be memorable and personal, these plastic passes reliably facilitate a seamless, enjoyable event experience.

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