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black plastic card printed holoprint foil

We print some of our plastic business cards using a hot foil printing process. It can also be called hot stamping, hot foil stamping foil blocking, foil printing or foiling.

We have over 40 different colours of foil which can be printed onto these card types which include a wide range of metallic colours.

We find the most popular colours are metallic gold and metallic silver. We also have a lovely holographic foil called holofoil which reflects all the colours of the rainbow when it is angled in the light.

Our foiled plastic cards are printed by a hot foil printing process.

gold foil wording business cards
frosted perspex plastic cards with metallic words satin black plastic cards metallic plastic cards white plastic cards

Below is our range of types of plastic card. Choose a type to view more information

Full Colour
Plastic Cards

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Plastic Cards

frosted translucent clear plastic business cards information

Satin Black
Plastic Cards

satin black plastic business cards information

Plastic Cards

metallic plastic business cards information

Plastic Cards

white plastic business cards information

For our hot foil printed plastic cards, each ink colour is printed individually, one colour at a time. For each colour that is printed (on each side) a magnesium printing block is required which is chemically etched with the relevant artwork for the ink colour. It is a very time consuming process but the end result is worth it!.

A block is always needed for each colour printed, no matter what the printing is. For example, if we printed a design with two different colours, metallic silver and metallic gold and just one character within the design is to be printed in metallic silver with the rest of the design to be printed in metallic gold, then a separate printing block is required for this single letter. Also a different printing block is required if a signature strip is to be printed.

hot foil printing block and foiling colours

metallic silver foiling translucent clear plastic business card

Clear business cards with gold foil writing

Business cards are what will create first impressions about your business to anyone who views them, so what would be getter than a dazzling plastic business card with metallic gold foiling.

While most businesses recognise the importance of networking and join a lot of social networking sites, they fail to realise that it can be done using traditional methods such as issuing business cards and if it is a hot foil printed plastic card, it will stand out and be remembered.

a translucent plastic business card hot foil stamped

Gold Foil Printed Plastic Cards

In today's busy world, most people will not have time to read newsletters, emails, etc., and the best way to reach them will be by using foil printed plastic cards.

Through these cards people will easily get to know a good introduction of your business, services, products and much more. They will also be able to easily contact you.

metallic gold business card with metallic foiling

Gold Foiled Business Cards

Now when you purchase these dazzling metallic foiled business cards, you will definitely want them to last long; so the best choice will be to use metallic foiled plastic business cards.

They are extremely durable. They will last long and consequently remain longer with your customers. They are easy to clean and will not wear off easily.

clear plastic card printed with metallic silver foil

Hot Foil Stamping

A well designed plastic business card which is printing with a hot foil stamping method will help you stand out of the crowd and make an impression.

It can speak volumes about your business. In addition it will create a professional and affluent appearance of your company, but at an affordable expense.

black business card with metallic foiling

Gold or Silver Foiled Business Cards

Now if you are looking for superior quality, foiled plastic business cards, then turn to Colour Plastic Cards. They will be designed so that you can be sure they will not get thrown away, especially when the foiling is metallic silver or gold.

All our cards are made using superior quality material, which means they will last long. We will create ultra high quality and eye catching plastic card designs that will convey exactly what you want to your customers.

a satin black plastic business card with metallic gold foiling

Metallic Gold Foiled Plastic Cards

This is an excellent example of a satin black plastic card hot foiled printed with metallic gold foil and gloss black foil.

The foils are hot stamped onto using lots of heat and pressures.

The gloss black creates a lovely watermark type effect against the satin black background of the card.

black plastic card printed with metallic gold foil lettering

Hot Stamped Holoprint Foil

These satin black plastic cards make good use of a foil called holoprint, which is hot stamped, it is used to make a huge visual impact. These are not your usual landscapers cards but they definitely have the wow factor!

The holoprint ink gives a rainbow of colours when angled around and makes you look twice at them. a real talking point when handed out to customers.

The user of these cards has won work off his competitors by having such professional plastic business cards. A professional image is everything these days and these plastic business cards definitely give this impression along with a discussion point.

hot foil stamped plastic card

Hot Foil Printing of Metallic Foils

What an artistically presented image of a satin black plastic business card this is. This image helps to show off the holoprint ink and how the colour changes given the light conditions.

The metallic holoprint foil is applied to the plastic cards in exactly the same way as the other foils using a hot foil printing technique. Foils are also known as inks, its the same thing just a different way of referring to it, so when we talk about foil, inks or colours on these hot foil printed cards, its all the same thing.

We offer metallic and non metallic as well as the special holoprint and to make things easy they are all the same price, there is no surcharge for the special holoprint.

hot foiled stamped plastic card

Metallic Silver Foiling

A satin black business card making a lovely visual impact by using two foiled inks on a huge diamond, what better way to use metallic silver foiling combined with and holoprint.

The coverage of the ink and nature of it e.g. being a diamond, really show the inks off to there best.

The customer wanted a simple yet sophisticated business card, we are all in agreement that this has ben achieved and many complimentary remarks are made when they are handed out.

The customer liked them so much that he didn't want to hand them out at first!

translucent plastic card metallic foiling

Foiled Plastic Cards

A translucent plastic business card with a stunning floral design in the corner.

The translucent business cards are very popular with photography businesses, perhaps as they give a contemporary image associated with weddings and many photographers main income involve weddings.

This is a simple yet effective design utilising black and white foiled images for the photography business.

The semi transparent nature of the translucent plastic card helps to give it a contemporary image and they can be customised with different ink colours and different number of inks, we can print up to four inks.

translucent clear hot foil printed plastic card

Metallic Foiling

This photo does not do this foil printed translucent plastic business card justice, the metallic foiling in real life looks so much more dazzling.

Its hard to tell from the photo but it uses metallic gold, metallic silver, black and holoprint inks which given an absolutely amazing contrast of colours.

As three metallics are used close to each other it gives a wonderful effect, very blingy! Personally I am not usually impressed by thins kind of thing but I have to admit that this is in my top three designs ever!

If you like this design and would like to use it for your company, we can always use less inks e.g. just the holoprint and black to keep the costs down.

a translucent plastic business card hot foil stamped

Holoprint Stamped Plastic Cards

This is a great design using holoprint for the text and logo and clear ink for the ovals in the background which are both hot foil stamped onto the card.

The clear ink, when printed on the translucent frosted plastic cards, gives a very subtle watermark effect whilst complimenting the design in front of it.

The use of the clear ink as a background effect is very popular, some times its little shapes like the ovals show here or occasionally a company logo.

Occasionally people ask for the text, such as contact details to be printed in the clear ink however we do not recommend this as it would be difficult to read, we recommend it is used for a subtle watermark effect.

a translucent plastic card hot foil printed with metallic foiling

Plastic Card Design with Holoprint Foiling

A cube design on a frosted plastic card, printed in holoprint, for a customer who works in CAD (Computer Aided Design).

This customer was really pleased with his unique business cards and loves handing them out at every opportunity.He is proud of what he offers his customers and his business cards show this.

We have also printed this very same design for him on the satin black plastic cards with metallic silver ink but he prefers the frosted.

metallic silver foil printed on a translucent clear plastic card

Metallic Silver Foiling on Translucent Plastic Cards

A frosted translucent plastic card utilising a globe to show that works is under taken internationally in the close protection personal security industry.

This particular design is printed in one colour, with metallic silver foiling. This combinations gives a very modern and professional look.

We did consider printing the globe in a different ink colour such as black to give a contrast of colours but it was decided to keep the design sleek and simple by just using the one ink colour.

hot foiled printed clear plastic business card

Clear Watermark Foiled Plastic Cards

A close up photo of the Tri-pod translucent plastic cards which is showing the clear ovals in detail.

We can print the ovals in the background in any colour but perhaps a bolder colour would interfere with the design too much. In this case the ovals are foiled using our clear foil which makes the parts it is printed on look less frosted.

The clear foil gives a nice subtle effect just like a watermark, adding some design detail without being over bearing the main design. The perfect balance?

The holoprint and clear foil work so well together.

A combination which should seriously be considered.

metallic gold foiling on a translucent plastic card

Metallic Plastic Cards Hot Foil Printed

A selection of metallic gold designs with a variety of hot foil printed colours e.g. black, metallic gold and holoprint inks also one with signature strips which was used a free admittance card.

In additional to metallic gold we also offer a metallic silver base, both are popular with VIP membership or loyalty programmes.

Gold ink printed on a metallic gold base looks wonderful and provides a ascetically pleasing design or alternatively silver ink on a silver base looks good.

metallic plastic business cards with foil printing

Metallic Foil Printing

A huge variety of both metallic gold and metallic silver designs which are all foil printed.

A wonderfully versatile range which includes membership, loyalty, free admittance, contact / business, party invites etc.

A wide variety of inks are available to print with along with optional extras include signature panels and sequential numbering (flat printed).

The signature panels can be just one signature panel or multiple ones to record more details, as shown in a few of the examples.

metallic silver foil printed plastic cards

Metallic Silver Foiled Plastic Cards

A collection of eight metallic silver foiled plastic card examples presented with metallic gold, white, black, purple and holoprint foils.

The satin black, translucent and metallic cards are all printed in the same way, using a relatively old fashioned printing method but giving wonderfully modern designs, particularly when metallic foils are used.

With the designs I always think less is more, make it simple, make it stand out and make it a little bit funky so it is remembered.

white plastic card with metallic holoprint foiling

Foil Printed White Plastic Business Cards

A classy image and impact is given on this white plastic base, which is foil printed with one ink, holoprint, what a great look.

This photo really highlights the bands of colour in the holoprint ink, its very hard to capture in a photo. To see them in real life is best.

These are solid plastic all the way through (not cheap imitations with card or paper in the middle here i'm pleased to say).

The ink is printed on the surface using heat and pressure to apply it.

white plastic business cards with hot foil printed holoprint

Foil Printing on White Plastic Cards

A sea of white plastic all foil printed with the very same design in two colours, holoprint and black.

These two inks give a good distinction between the plain non metallic black and the shiny metallic holoprint. I don't think there are two ink colours which work better together.

Two very distinct inks which provide a diverse eye catching design.

This combination of inks also works very well on the translucent and satin black range.

white plastic business cards hot foil stamped

Hot Foil Printing with Metallic Foils on White Plastic Cards

A variety of white designs for use by a vast number of business types e.g. electrician, builders, jewellers, information technology and design companies.

A lot of customers automatically select the metallic inks applied using our hot foil printing process but this photo shows that the non metallic inks also really stand out e.g. the gift voucher design printed with non metallic red provides a clear yet bold statement.

The non metallic blue design also helps to highlight the impact the non metallic inks can have.

We have other non metallic inks available in addition to the blue and red mentioned above.

white plastic card hot foil printed

Membership Cards with Metallic Foiling

Distinct and classy design for a car owners membership club using metallic foiling.

It illustrates the use of two signature panels, one for a name and the other for the members signature.

Printed with three inks, metallic red, metallic blue and black, a very nice combination and use of inks.

This white plastic range is often used for membership cards (as well as business cards). Using the white base gives a blank canvass with a classic look and lets the selected inks provide the visual impact.

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