See through plastic business cards

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See through plastic business cards

We have printed see through plastic business cards for many years. We call them frosted translucent plastic cards or frosted clear plastic cards. This is because they are not 100% crystal clear with them having a frosted finish.

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see through plastic business cards

Our frosted translucent plastic cards can be printed with either a single ink colour or multiple ink colours. We have a wide range of ink colours available which include dazzling metallic colours. Our metallic colours include gold, metallic silver metallic red, metallic blue etc. Our full range of ink colours can be found here

We find the most popular ink colour is metallic silver. Usually printed on it’s own but of course it can be combined with other colours. For example, a popular choice of ink colours is metallic silver and black ink (2 ink colours in total). With it being only 2 ink colours it is cheaper than choosing 3 or 4 ink colours but still looks absolutely stunning.

More lovely examples of our frosted translucent plastic cards can be found

Let us know your favourite ink colour combinations or which example you think are the best?

On our main website we have lots of example cards. The ink colours we have chosen for the examples are ones that we think look the best, however they can be changed to cater for your preferences.

One ink colour that you may not be familiar with is called holoprint. It looks similar to metallic silver but as you angle the card to the light, all the colours of the rainbow can be seen to shimmer in the light. It is a similar effect to how a CD looks as you angle it in the light.

holoprint on see through plastic business cards

see through plastic cards

One thought on “See through plastic business cards

  1. hi there,

    we’re looking at a new business card for our aesthetics business and like the idea of the clear card just with our logo and contact details (email/website/phone no/ 2 addresses)

    would you have a mock up sample we can agree on if I send you the logo or a template that we can check out how it may look like?

    Thank you.

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