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Membership Cards For Your Business

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Importance Of Membership Cards

Membership cards are extremely important especially in places like gyms and clubs. The major benefit with these cards is that it prevents people from using your services without actually paying for it. Also most of these cards are designed to offer discounts on purchases made.

This can definitely increase the member’s loyalty towards the store. When customers use these cards with discounts, they are left with more money to spend on other things. This will in turn prompt them to make more purchases. Also these cards can be used as a way to track customers shopping habits. This data collected can be used to direct specific advertising campaigns towards the customers that are most likely to be receptive.

Membership cards also allow the merchant to know various details about the customer such as name, address and other contact information. This makes it possible for merchants to send marketing materials to various customers. Thus these cards act as important marketing tools. Also discounts on these cards can encourage members to refer friends and colleagues.

Get Membership Cards From CP Cards

If you are on the lookout for membership cards for your business, then look no further than CP Cards. We use high quality plastic card printing techniques and materials, which means you will get cards that will last long. The cards can be printed according to your requirements and they can be personalised as well.

We offer a fast turn around time of just five working days. We can also print membership cards with a barcode or magnetic strip. We also offer budget cards for organisations looking for lower cost cards.

To discuss your membership card requirements contact CP Cards.

Professional Membership Cards

plastic cards special offer

Many start-up businesses originate with the idea to provide a service to either the general public or a niche market. For niche markets, normally there needs to be a way to clearly identify clientele as the services are exclusive to them alone. Therefore membership cards are a primary order when stocking up on essential items for the opening of your new business.

Elite Membership Cards

Exclusive nightclubs, premium priced services and recreation clubs are all common businesses that utilise membership cards. They not only enable you to clearly identify who your customers are when they enter but they also give the owners of the card a sense of importance and value. That they are part of an exclusive and sometimes elite club if they are paying a substantial amount for your services.

Therefore your membership card design needs to match the quality of the services you provide. Basic paper cards will not do, you need plastic card printing services.

Club penguin membership cards

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We are amazed at how many people per day come to our website looking for club penguin cards.

Is it because club penguin cards when shortened becomes cpcards?

Who knows!

What is club penguin – is it a kids thing, is it kids that are coming to our website looking for a penguin?

All we know is we have nothing to do with it – we just print plastic cards and business cards.

Business Cards and Membership Cards

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We find most of our plastic cards orders are for membership cards or loyalty cards rather than normal business cards.

We can produce business cards / business card printing by offering any of our plastic cards products or our matt laminated business cards (card rather than plastic)

If you are interested in having business cards printed, please get in touch with us.

Membership cards, people are looking

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Recently the technical guys here noticed a lot of potential customers were coming to our website home page from Google using keywords such as membership cards or membership card printing but the ‘bounce rate’ was quite high.

This means that potential customers come to our website via the home page but they do not proceed any further to have a look around the website.

So today, our home page has been slightly revamped to be easier on the eye and more to the point about the types of plastic cards that we produce.

Only time will tell how successful this improvement will be.

Help with membership cards

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A potential customer contacted us yesterday (Tuesday) as they had been let down by another printing company for their membership cards. I don’t want to mention the other companies name as it seems a little unfair however they are a large plastic card company. They desperately needed some cards for Saturday. Looking at the artwork the plastic cards are to be used at a motor show on the 5th March. The motor show is overseas so obviously some time needs to be built into the production to enable transportation by the customer to the overseas show.

I spoke to our production manager and she agreed that we would be ok to despatch the order of 1000 x plastic cards (760 microns thick with no optional extras) on Friday for delivery on Saturday. The Saturday delivery incurred an extra charge from our courier company but the customer was happy to pay this.

The order does have a very tight deadline of 3 working days however we felt that this is manageable. We would not accept an order if we felt we could not achieve the deadline.

The customer was genuinely appreciative of our help which is nice as our efforts often go with out any thanks.

If you are reading this Donna, thank you for your appreciation, it does mean a lot to us.

I will have my fingers crossed that everything runs smoothly with your order & that the motor show is a success for your company. Thank you again.

Bureau personalisation service

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Hello all,

Today has been a quiet day for business cards enquiries however the number of enquiries for membership cards and loyalty cards has been overwhelming. Most interest has been shown in relation to our bureau personalisation service (this is where cards are held in stock for the customer and an excel file is submitted with new members included). In order to provide quote for this service we generally ask customer to clarify the following:

1) How many plastic cards they expect to use over a 12 month period

2) How often they will submit an excel file (weekly, fortnightly or monthly)

3) How many new members details will be within the excel file/how many cards they will call off from their stock each time

I think that because our service is so professional and easy to come to grips with that customers you love the idea of it. Most customer re-new there stock when it is depleted which proves in itself what a good service this is for membership and loyally card schemes.

Our bureau personlisation service is available with the full colour solid plastic cards (760 and 680 microns in thickness). We can offer other optional extras with the cards, such as signature panels. Should you need a price for this product/service, please email us at

Membership cards – a growing demand

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Robust, professional-looking membership cards.

Whether it’s a gym, a private club, a beauty salon or a sports club, many organisations make use of membership cards.

These could be printed on card, but really you and your members need a card to be more robust and long lasting.
We produce professional plastic membership cards which are full colour plastic cards that are the same thickness and quality as your credit card.

As well as ensuring that your members’ cards don’t get damaged, this will also reflect well on you as a company. But there are more specific benefits as well. You can keep a better track of your members by having the cards numbered or personalised in some way.

Membership cards can have sequential numbering to make each unique, or you can go further than that. Information about each specific member can be printed onto the card and you can even get cards produced with an image of the person on them. If they are for regular use getting in and out of a building, they can be made with a slot or hole so that you can attach a lanyard so that people can have them round their necks or attached to their clothing.

more details on membership cards

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Membership and Loyalty Card Systems

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We are looking to increase our range of products to assist customers who are looking for loyalty cards. This will include barcode systems, specifically ones which will help people with members to keep a track of activity. This includes payment history, renewals and identification by swiping the loyalty card

We are in the very early stages of looking in to the options available. Additional to this different equipment will be needed. As we would like the software and hardware to be as easy as possible to use and set up.

more details on loyalty cards

The advantage of a implementing a barcode system include:

Keeping track of customer activity.

Ensuring all of the customer’s data is located in one central location.

Exporting the information which may help with mailings.

Payment information – who has paid there subscription and who hasn’t paid.

Ex-members database to allow special offer targeting for customers.

Identification of different membership categories and types.

Watch this space for more information!

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