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Quality Plastic Cards

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What Specific Plastic Cards Can I Order From CP Cards?

The full catalogue of plastic cards available from us include:

• Business Cards

• Membership Cards

• Loyalty Cards

• Frosted Translucent Cards

• Metallic Cards

• Key Cards

We have produced stylish, sleek and professional plastic cards for a range of well known businesses such as the BBC, Subway, Starbucks, BP, BT, Vauxhall and the British Army.

The majority of the work we do is plastic cards for pos systems. Each and every day our customers make repeat orders for more cards for their ever increasing number of members.

plastic cards for epos and pos systems

plastic cards for epos and pos systems

Barcode start number on plastic cards

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A customer placed an order today for the 760 micron plastic cards with barcodes. When I asked what number to start the barcode sequence at they just said 1, I enquired as to how many zeros they required in front of this and the reply was that they wanted the usual.

I just wanted to let you know that as far as I know there is no usual, sometimes the software system even needs a certain number of characters for the barcode to be read.

If in doubt I would recommend that you contact your software supplier to clarify the requirements or if you are already using cards with your system have a look what is on these.

Just for information, we can produce the following cards with barcodes:

Full colour in 760 micron 86 x 54mm

Full colour in 680 micron 86 x 54mm

Full colour in 420 micron 86 x 54mm

and Key cards Full colour in 680 micron 29 x 54mm

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Business card examples

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Hello All,

I thought I would compile a list of:

Business card examples

Below you will find lots of examples of business cards for you to get inspiration from.

We will also be adding new examples regularly.

Most of the business cards examples below are our frosted plastic business cards

Our frosted clear plastic cards can be printed with a wide range of metallic and non metallic ink colours. A popular choice is metallic silver and black to give an elegant business card.

Please feel free to leave comments below regarding business cards also, if you have any photos of interesting business cards please email them to us at and we may include them on this page.

Note: All these images are copyright 2008 Colour Plastic Cards Ltd. Unauthorised use is prohibited. Legal action will be taken for unauthorised use. All images have embedded watermarks.

Turnaround times on plastic cards

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Hi all,

We, like pretty much everyone else in this country, understand that times are tough financially. Many repeat customers are asking us for better prices and comparing us unfairly to companies who produce outside the UK.

We have a lot to offer, fair prices, fast turnaround, supporting the economy by keeping production in England and the same holidays as you.

Before placing an order with a company offering what appear to be out of this world prices ask yourself a few questions e.g.

1) What is the turnaround – we have viewed quotes from competitors stating approx. 20 working days for delivery – that is a month! Ok you think your not in a rush for them at the moment but give it a month or so and you may well be needing them sooner however as your cards are still in China very little can be done to speed them up!

2) Are the cards produced in England? We are aware of companies telling customers that the cards are printed in England and they clearly are not. Think again about the turnaround times if they are excessive there will be a reason for this e.g. they are being shipped in from China.

3) Imagine trying to contact a company who is having two weeks off for Chinese new year celebrations! You just want your cards but no one is answering emails or the phone and clearly your cards are not being produced! Being in England, we are closed for the bank holidays and two weeks over Christmas.

4) Check out review sites before placing an order. Be very wary of ones will bad reviews!

Finally, and I know this may seen extreme, but lets all try to support our own family, friends, neighbours, acquaintances etc by supporting the UK economy who knows what effect shopping just on price alone will have in the future, unfortunately I sense more big name stores closing in this country. Sorry to not leave this blog on a cheery note – I promise the next one will be happier!

Professional Plastic Card Printing

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CP Cards are leading providers of plastic card printing for professional businesses that require custom made business cards, membership cards, loyalty cards and more. No matter what kind of business or exclusive club you operate, we can provide an inventive card design that will set you apart from your competitors. Plastic cards are a great representation of your company and therefore need to feature sharp, high quality printing and production.

Join the list of businesses that have received quality plastic card printing services from Colour Plastic Cards (CP Cards).

CP Cards Plastic Card Printing

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CP cards are leading providers of plastic membership cards. Using their design services or providing ideas you already have in mind, they can create a bespoke membership card all your customers will be proud to carry in their wallet. The cards can feature unique images, your brand name, logo, individual membership numbers, signature strips and any other feature you require. This can include embossing and magnetic strips.

The printing options can be as exclusive to you as your services will be to customers. They provide detailed quotations for a range of order sizes and promise a fast turnaround time of just 5 working days.

Contact CP Cards

To receive a quotation for your plastic membership card printing, contact CP Cards today.

Affordable plastic card printing

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Hello All,

Its true our prices are truly great!

Already today we have received three phone calls asking if our prices for the frosted translucent plastic cards are correct!

I would like to confirm, that yes indeed they are correct.

We are able to offer truly wonderful prices for the frosted translucent plastic cards which are personalised and created just for you.

Each plastic card is hand printed for you.

Plastic card printing on a snowy day

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Well today has started well, we came into work before the worst of the snow hit us to find over night we had received around twice the amount of plastic card orders than normal

Luckily, we all got in early so managed to catch up quickly, which was a good job as a whole stack of orders later followed, along with a lot of snow.

The snow here is pretty bad but after speaking to some of our customers, it is far worst in other areas of the country.

Let’s all hope that we can all get home safely later – and avoid the motorways at all costs as you don’t want to be stuck on them all evening if they grind to a halt.

I sometimes pop into work over the weekend, which I intend to do this weekend unless the snow is too bad, if so I will have to ty my best to be in work very early on Monday morning to catch up.

Old customer enquiry for plastic cards

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We had a customer email us today with the following request for plastic cards.

I have a customer waiting for plastic full colour double sided business cards. The ones he has had done before is encapsulated with plastic with round corners. do you do trade prices? if so can you send me some prices for different qualities etc. they need them quite urgent

The customer just wants prices for now. Can I have a price for 250, 500 and 1000. We normally only do litho printing. Its an old customer from 5 years ago coming back to us with all there printing so I’m hoping to get the right prices for them. They own 3 restaurants so its quite a lot of work for us.

We are busy discussing options with the customer to find the best solution at the best price.

Design only for plastic cards

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Today we receive an unusual request. It was for just doing a plastic business cards design, and the request was from China.


We are interested in using your company to design our business cards. We would like frosted/semi transparent plastic card and using a gold stamp technique for the logo and maybe other parts. I have already got a printers ready to do this work. I live in China, so much easier for me to do it here. Please take a look at our website to get an idea of what we are about.

How long would the design take? When can you do? And how much please?


We replied with


Thanks you for your enquiry however we do not ship out of the UK.

Kind regards


Their reply was.


Please I am only looking for design work. No shipping required, only email adobe files.



Sorry we are a printing company, we offer basic design only to go with the cards we produce.

It sounds like you need a graphic design company not a printing company.

Kind regards