Plastic card printing on a snowy day

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Well today has started well, we came into work before the worst of the snow hit us to find over night we had received around twice the amount of plastic card orders than normal

Luckily, we all got in early so managed to catch up quickly, which was a good job as a whole stack of orders later followed, along with a lot of snow.

The snow here is pretty bad but after speaking to some of our customers, it is far worst in other areas of the country.

Let’s all hope that we can all get home safely later – and avoid the motorways at all costs as you don’t want to be stuck on them all evening if they grind to a halt.

I sometimes pop into work over the weekend, which I intend to do this weekend unless the snow is too bad, if so I will have to ty my best to be in work very early on Monday morning to catch up.

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