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Frosted translucent plastic cards

plastic cards special offer


We have an exciting new look for our frosted translucent plastic cards web page.

Hopefully users will find it easy to navigate and pleasing to view.

We realised there are still a few duplicate areas e.g. prices however this has been done intentionally to help people find their way around the page and locate important info with ease.

Its hard as different people look for information in different places as obviously we are all unique and we are trying to cover all the bases!

Inspiration has been drawn from a couple of different websites – HTC and Ipad Mini – I don’t think we are quite as stylish as these sites yet but be assured we are working on it!

If you would like to leave any feedback (good or room for improvement comments) on the new page it would be welcomed.

Bye for now

Demand for frosted business cards

plastic cards special offer


Over the last few months demand for our frosted clear plastic cards has gone mad – so mad that we are struggling to cope.

New machinery has been ordered which should be here in October/November 2011 which will enable us to meet the demand.

The demand for our frosted clear plastic cards has always been high and has increased steadily over the years which is great but the recent surge was not expected but most welcome.

Frosted plastic business cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We received the following enquiry today and through I would share it with you so that you can see the type of enquiry we receive:

“Hi there, I’m looking for some biz cards that are a little different to the norm.

I have a black on white design which I want printed on to clear plastic cards where the top half is completely transparent. I then want a hole put on the side of them and some pink string tied through – basically making a sort of gift tag style biz card.

Can you do that? if so, how much for 250?”

Our response to this enquiry was as follows:

“We offer frosted clear plastic cards however the frosted effect is all over the card we can not leave part of it completely clear. We never recommend completely clear cards or even a section of them clear as they show scratches very very easily and look terrible after a very short period of time.

I also would not recommend having a hole in business cards for two reasons:

1) On the frosted clear card would may see a stress mark around the punch

2) Just a thought – how can people put the cards in their wallets with string attached – just a consideration for you

Would you like a quote for our frosted clear plastic cards? I have attached a picture of the frosted clear cards we offer for your review.”


Currently we are waiting to hear back from the customer but through I would share the kind of enquiry we get with you in relation to our frosted clear plastic cards.

Free Artwork on clear plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

We have updated the website to promote our free design service for frosted, satin black and metallic plastic cards.

The design service can be requested via a form which asks various questions.

We ask the customer to provide as much information as possible to help with the design process, this way we can ensure that the design is customised as much as possible to the customers own vision. We provide examples of past work which can help provide ideas to the customer and we can base there design around on of these if required. The more information we had to go off the easier it is to create a stunning design based on the customers own needs and requirements.

Logos etc can be uploaded to the design request form, ideally these are provided as line artwork and in a high enough resolution so that the quality will not suffer when the cards are printed.

Please give the design request for a go if you are looking for a personalised design.

Alternatively you can email your own artwork to us, we will provide an email proof for your approval.

Bye for now.

Clear plastic cards, printed in the UK

plastic cards special offer

Hi all,

It has come to our attention that a lot of American companies are advertising clear plastic cards on the internet search engines. I just wanted to point out that we are a UK based company and our cards are produced in the UK.

This means that the production and shipping time for your order is not delayed by the cards having to cross waters or potentially being delayed by customs.

Also remember that when your order goods from America you will also be subject to duty (which I believe is 5%) and also VAT at 15%

Please come and purchase our clear plastic cards, they are great!

Bye for now.

Clear plastic cards and their uses

plastic cards special offer

Our clear plastic cards are such a great product, we have customer’s that use this product for all sorts of things, mainly:

Business cards

Membership cards

Loyalty cards

Tickets for prestigious events

Discount cards

Tab cards

I am sure there are many more uses, they really are a very versatile product.

The satin black plastic cards are also printed using the same method.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about this or any of our other products.

Frosted clear plastic cards, new name

plastic cards special offer

We have produced frosted plastic cards for many years and we have always called them frosted cards. However recently we have started to also call them clear cards, frosted clear cards and even translucent cards as this is what some our of competitors call them and customers often get confused thinking they are all different products. So don’t worry if you see description on name changes on our website, the cards are still the same but we are changing the name to help our customers.

Likewise, our satin black plastic cards are sometimes called matt black plastic cards, they are both the same think. Basically they are a black plastic card with a non-glossy finish. You could argue all day whether it is a matt or a satin finish we just choose to call them satin but we will also be referring to them as matt to help customers.

Clear business cards, hot foil printed

plastic cards special offer

Hot foil printing has been around for a long long time however unfortunately the products we offer via this printing method (frosted plastic cards, satin black plastic cards and some metallic plastic cards) are just not selling as well at the moment as they have been in the past.

We have recently discovered that our frosted plastic cards are often referred to by customers as clear business cards or clear plastic cards so we are now calling them this instead.

We have tried different ways to promote these cards including re-designing the web pages, including artwork in the price and just generally promoting them as a professional yet contemporary plastic card. However this has surprisingly not really increased the sales in this area.

We will try our best to think of other ways to promote this excellent product however if anybody out there comes up with any ideas for us, please drop us a line.

Its not a product we are looking to stop selling as we appreciate that customers do want the choice.

Catch you soon

Clear business cards & frosted cards

plastic cards special offer

Since we have started calling our frosted plastic cards, clear plastic cards or clear business cards we have already started to receive more enquiries for them.

We offer free design service for our clear business cards, alternative the customer can supply the artwork if they prefer.

We have made a few tweaks to our website recently to make it easier to navigate and find the information.

One important change we have made to the clear plastic card page is adding the navigation buttons to the top of each page in addition to the bottom.

Frosted plastic cards – lovely design

plastic cards special offer

holographic printing on clear cards

Our design studio recently created this design for a customer.

It is a frosted plastic card printed with black and white ink, doesn’t it look lovely?

It just goes to show you that black and white ink can indeed look stunning.

I think one reason that the design looks so good is because there is very little information on the card, it has a nice clean look, rather than having lots of information crammed onto the card such as various phone numbers or email addresses etc.