Free Artwork on clear plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

We have updated the website to promote our free design service for frosted, satin black and metallic plastic cards.

The design service can be requested via a form which asks various questions.

We ask the customer to provide as much information as possible to help with the design process, this way we can ensure that the design is customised as much as possible to the customers own vision. We provide examples of past work which can help provide ideas to the customer and we can base there design around on of these if required. The more information we had to go off the easier it is to create a stunning design based on the customers own needs and requirements.

Logos etc can be uploaded to the design request form, ideally these are provided as line artwork and in a high enough resolution so that the quality will not suffer when the cards are printed.

Please give the design request for a go if you are looking for a personalised design.

Alternatively you can email your own artwork to us, we will provide an email proof for your approval.

Bye for now.

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