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Hi All,

We have a customer at the moment who submitted terrible artwork for the full colour cards, he received his postal proof and was not happy with a number of things. My colleague very kindly agreed to wrestle with this artwork, free of charge and sent a photo-realistic proof over by email for him to approve prior to production of his 2nd postal proof.

He approved this email proof so we started production on the 2nd postal proof however the very next day the customer contacts us saying there is a typing mistake which our spell check department had not picked it up. My colleague was a little upset by this as it had taken him a long time to sort this customers artwork out and obviously he did not even bother to check the email proof properly. We do not have a spell check department, as a lot of our customers provide there own artwork (as this customer did!).

We are currently in the process of stopping production of the 2nd postal proof and yet again for no cost changing the customers own artwork.

I am not sure what the moral of this story should be, it could be for us not to fix customers artwork, make customers wait for 24 hours to approve an email proof, don’t bother at all the email proofs as they are not checked properly! Or should we just put this down as experience and try to to taint every customer with the same brush. Personally I think the latter is the best option however it is difficult!

Please please please, if you are placing an order with us, could you double and triple check all email proofs before approving them. Thank you!

Bye for now

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