Matt Black Plastic Cards

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Dazzle prospective customers with matt black plastic business cards.

Metallic Gold foil can be printed on our matt black plastic cards them which shines and gives great contrast to the matt black background. No other printing process can match metallic foiled plastic cards.

In the present economic climate you need extra help to stand out from the crowd. When you attend that breakfast meeting and hand out your lavishly crafted plastic card who could fail to be impressed? You won’t just stand out from the crowd, you will tower head and shoulders above it.

The exceptionally high quality of your plastic card will reflect the quality of your own product or service, drawing customers towards you like ball bearings to a neodymium magnet.
Contact us today and let us help you to succeed where others are falling to make the right impression.

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Matt Black Plastic Card Printing

We can suggest combinations of plastic card and printed foil which best reflects your business and which will undoubtedly help you to be remembered.

Browse our website for an insight into how effective Gold foiled plastic cards appear.

matt black plastic business cards

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