Membership and Loyalty Card Systems

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We are looking to increase our range of products to assist customers who are looking for loyalty cards. This will include barcode systems, specifically ones which will help people with members to keep a track of activity. This includes payment history, renewals and identification by swiping the loyalty card

We are in the very early stages of looking in to the options available. Additional to this different equipment will be needed. As we would like the software and hardware to be as easy as possible to use and set up.

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The advantage of a implementing a barcode system include:

Keeping track of customer activity.

Ensuring all of the customer’s data is located in one central location.

Exporting the information which may help with mailings.

Payment information – who has paid there subscription and who hasn’t paid.

Ex-members database to allow special offer targeting for customers.

Identification of different membership categories and types.

Watch this space for more information!

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