Metallic plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We are now offering metallic plastic cards, you can choose from metallic gold and silver base cards (for the full colour plastic cards) on a solid PVC stock.

This product offers a really professional image, either for membership schemes or business cards.

There is one limitation with this product, we can not offer any white text/images (as there is not white base to show through the CMYK printing). Don’t let this put you off through as anything you have within your design with is white will simply show as the metallic base colour, This effect can look very good.

At the moment we can only offer this product in the 760 micron thickness, We are trying to source thinner stock but at the moment we are struggling. For most people this isn’t a problem with this product as they usually want the thickest possible product to give a professional look.

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