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Our company is called Colour Plastic Cards Ltd.

Visit our website at www.cpcards.co.uk

Colour Plastic Cards Limited
Are you looking for quality, affordable plastic cards for your small to medium business?
Do you want a business card printing service that values you as a customer and has over 25 years of experience in the printing industry?

Choose Colour Plastic Cards Limited today and see what we can create for your business. We specialise in and offer a wide range of quality plastic business cards, membership cards and more. Use our unique designs, or send us your own and let our team of printing professionals create plastic cards for your business that are innovative, modern and stylish.

The Colour Plastic Cards Limited Mission
Headquartered in Shropshire, England and serving the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs around the UK, Colour Plastic Cards Limited is a customer centric company focused on providing quality products and friendly service with every purchase. As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of plastic cards, we have made it our mission to continue designing and developing new products that meet our customers’ needs for quality, value and design.

Why Choose Colour Plastic Cards Limited?
premium quality plastic cards
Colour Plastic Cards Limited offers quality products at affordable prices. All of our plastic cards are made right here in the UK. This ensures that we have complete control over the quality, production process plus guaranteed fast delivery on every order. From business cards, membership cards and loyalty cards to gift cards and more, Colour Plastic Cards Limited has your business covered. Before, during and after every sale, our team will be there to guide you and to help you choose a product that meets your specific needs.

Our growing list of satisfied business owners can’t be wrong; Colour Plastic Cards Limited is the number one source for quality plastic cards, affordable prices and knowledgeable service.

Shop with us today and let our experienced team make you a customer for life.

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