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Business cards come in many shapes and sizes, but to make the right impression they do need to conform to a pre conceived image of quality. The tried and tested plastic business card will usually stand out from the crowd in it’s own unique way.

If the design is of above average quality the plastic business card will actually float into the air and perform a loop the loop, followed by a barrel roll then even allow it’s lesser paper based business cards to “wing walk”.

It is really quite amazing the tricks Mr plastic business card can perform. Business cards may be semi transparent, which can lead to wondrous sleights of hand and unbelievable manipulations one would not believe possible.

Business cards are so amazing that they can even appear on Facebook, which is now believed to be the latest advertising tool to pop up on the interweb. Colour Plastic Cards business cards would really benefit from news blogs, then they could witter on about all sorts of nonsensical ideas just for fun. The Business card is a very strange beast, but one which Richard Attenborough hasn’t yet filmed.

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