Delivery problem

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Oh dear a day of sorting out delivery problems down to various reasons. One customers comments, quite rightly are below for you to have a look at (this was for an order of the 760 micron full colour solid plastic cards) where the courier said that the property was closed and due to this they cold not deliver:

I am fine about the time it may take now for you to arrange the re-delivery, do not worry about that, I understand that the cards are not in your possession at the moment.

I am most grateful for you looking into this matter for me.

I am looking forward to hearing from you once you have heard from the
courier company.

I have no complaints about your service, but believe that the courier company acted unprofessionally and negligently on this occasion.

It’s nice of the customer to understand that the courier company is a third party company.

Bye for now – let see what tomorrow brings! As a final note, we have very very few problems with the courier company but when the occasional problem happens it seems to be very time consuming to get to the bottom of things!

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