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Hi All,

It’s one thing for us to produce good business cards and plastic cards but if the artwork supplied by the customer isn’t to the correct specification, then problems will arise.

We have in the last couple of months adopted a new approach to customer supplied artwork (predominantly for the full colour solid plastic cards).

On receipt all artwork is received to ensure it is technically ok to print.

If a customer supplies artwork which is nearly to the correct specification but needs small alterations we will make the alterations for the customer free of charge.

We will of course inform the customer that the artwork is not to the correct specification and ask that if any future artwork is submitted it is sent to us in the correct format.

We may occasionally ask for a deposit if extensive work is involved.

A lot of companies will accept any artwork files, even if they are technically not set up correctly and just print straight from them them resulting in the end result being less than desirable. We like to ensure that our customers are hippy with there cards and hence why we provide detailed artwork specifications and when necessary will reject artwork if the design team feels the quality of the end product will suffer. We do not reject artwork for the fun of it, we do it for the customers own benefit (some customer do not seem to realise this!).

We hope that our customer appreciate the help we provide.

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