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Hello All,

I must be honest with you and say that we do not often get chance to answer the telephone, we are all so busy work on orders and printing. A lot of time has been spent on the website to try and ensure all questions are answered on there to maximise efficiency for everyone. I thought I would summarise a few of the phone called from today

Call from a car servicing company wanting 760 micron full colour cards

Reason for call: would like prices for full colour cards with no optional extras

Response: politely referred to website for prices

Additional question: can I have a sample of my design printed. Answer: yes once your order has been placed and paid for

A customer has received the postal proofs for a key card order and is asking about artwork specifications as they need to supply new artwork
Response: Politely refereed customer back to the website where the artwork specifications are located (the same location as they have always been)

A phone call was received from someone whos colleague posted an SAE to use for a generic sample pack (they think they are interested in the frosted plastic cards) however as far as they knew samples had not been received
Response: I will look in to this and get back to you. It turned out we had not received the SAE and the customer was advised this via email. I am not sure whether the SAE was sent or not as as the person who was meant to send it is off work I suggested they posted it again.

A phoned call from an existing customer regarding prices for 680 micron plastic cards, full colour, no optional extras
Response: politely refereed to website for prices

Our website is great, please take the time to look at it!

Bye for now

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