Problem with a satin black plastic card order

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Yesterday we had an order being printed and when the 2 shades of green were printed onto the satin black card, you couldn’t tell that they were different shades (a shame when you are paying for a 2 colour order)

Also, the contact details were a little bit too small so they will filling-in when printed.

We emailed the wording below to the customer (the customer phoned up and really complained, was very rude to Catherine who works here and kept saying he doesn’t see what the problem is and that she should stop being facetious (she was not, she was very polite as she always is and tried her best to explain to the customer what the problems were. He also asked Catherine what her position was, she said Company Secretary and he said that he does not normally speak to “people like her”.

This made Catherine very upset after the phone conversation and I told her to have a break for half an hour.

Is there anything wrong with what we said in our email? Could we have worded the email below better?
Please let us know as we want to help and advise customers as best as possible.

Hello Colin,

Please find attached a photograph of one of your plastic cards printed with bright green and light green.

When the 2 colours are printed onto the satin black you can hardly tell the difference.

Also, for the green ink, the contact details are a little too small to print without ‘filling in’

I recommend we adjust the artwork so the contact details are a little bit bigger and may I suggest an alternative colour for the contact details, metallic silver is very popular?

I have attached a proof showing bright green for the logo and metallic silver for the rest of the printing to give you an idea of how it will look.

Please let me know what you think?



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