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A customer emailed for a quote today for 250 full colour solid plastic loyalty cards with a signature strip. They attached to there quote request various low quality logos and photos and asked for a price and feedback regarding there ideas.

Unfortunately we are unable to offer free design advice (other than fixed technical issues when customer send over artwork which has in the main been submitted to the correct specification).

We provided this particular customer a quote which clearly stated that it included artwork however we received an email back saying that it was a lot more expensive that the price quote on our website. If we are to get involved with a customers artwork this takes up a lot of valuable time and resources and hence why an additional charge is payable. Customers may consider the artwork charges expensive but please bear in mind that the equipment, software and designers time are all expensive.

We are obviously more than happy to receive finished print ready artwork from customers, see specifications /here, obviously when this is supplied no artwork charges will apply.

Thank you for your understanding on this matter.

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