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Hi All,

For a long long time we have not taken cheques as payment for plastic card (membership cards, business cards etc) orders due to the inconvenience of them, e.g. take the bank take to clear them, postage time, or lake of postage time i.e. them getting lost in the post, trip to the bank, delay in processing customers order – think you get the message.

I noticed whilst out and about that a lot of companies have stopped accepting cheques, Sainsburys, Tescos and the like.

On the news today it mentioned that cheques will not be scrapped. A rumor was heard a while back that by 2018 they would no longer exist however now they will be around as long as they are in use.

I must admin that about once a year a write a cheque by I’m sure the company I pay could accept bacs if they really wanted to.

Bye for now happy cheque writing!

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