I absolutely cannot believe it!

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Last week we had a absolute nightmare, despite waiting for payment for an order of 8000 760 microns thick membership cards with a matt finish for approx 3 weeks the customer comes on saying we will have payment in about 3 working days and can they have delivery in two working days guaranteed! erm short answer is no, not enough time.

We did out best to assist and really pulled out all the stops, this was probably the mot stressful order this year to date.

It was also very difficult as more than one person was contacting us in regards to the order.

Any how we finally got there and I emailed over the order confirmation letting them know it has gone to print and now changes were not possible.

To my absolute amazement this evening we received an email saying:

Can you hold off on this order if not already started. We need to add another line of text. Please confirm this instruction. Revised text will be sent tomorrow.

Not only was this email from yet another new person, we had already said no changes are possible and they even replied to the email saying this!

Sometimes, some orders are more problematic and take up more administration time than the previous 500 orders … this is one of them!

I will be so glad when this order is dispatched.

Bye for now.

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