Plastic cards, be wary of low quality

plastic cards special offer

Oh dear, we had yet another phone call today from a membership office secretary who has been let down by a low cost plastic card printer who outsources to another country.

They were promised there new membership cards for this weekend as they have an important launch event. Thousands of pounds has gone in to this event, food, decorations, staff, the list goes on.

The secretary phoned this other company and asked for a progress report and unfortunately they have not even been printed yet, let alone left China on the long journey to the UK, so there is no way they will be getting there cards from this company by the weekend.

The secretary phoned us and explained the situation, her full order from this other company was for 10,000 cards but it turns out they only need 1000 for the launch event for V.I.P members. We came to a compromise that we would deliver the 1000 on Saturday morning and the balance to follow within 7 working days.

I just feel sorry for her that she now has to try and get her money back from this other company and reading reviews on the internet she will struggle with this.

At least we have done everything we can to help her 🙂

The end result is that we have made this ladies day or more likely month!

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