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Hello all,

Just a quick message about deadlines, we appreciate that sometimes cards are needed quickly, sometimes very quickly!

We had an enquiry today asking for both frosted plastic cards and satin black plastic cards for Wednesday this week. We said unfortunately this does not give us enough time as we would need to dispatch tomorrow. They came straight back saying Thursday at the very latest, our reply was yes this is achievable.

We experience this situation each and every week, where someone does have a genuine deadline but they take a day off just in case. Which sometimes means we can not meet the deadline we have been presented with!

Anyhow, I will get to the point…..if you have a deadline for an order, please can you provide the actual latest you can receive the cards, we do where ever possible dispatch the order sooner. You could even say, for example, absolute deadline to receive the cards is Friday however Thursday would be preferred (we would also prefer to get them to you sooner if we can).

Am I making sense!?!

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