Plastic cards, some crafty people

plastic cards special offer

We are still amazed by the number of people that try to get free postal proofs from us by claiming that it will lead to a big order. We have heard this story so many times over the years.

We had a customer try to do this today (a Manchester based Design company) and didn’t want to make an order – just wanted a postal proof (finished plastic card).

Customer got rather stroppy and got on his ‘high horse’ and next thing started complaining about everything (its amazing what people do when they simply don’t want to pay)

They were speaking to a member of our staff (Catherine) by asking half a dozen or so questions but never allowing Catherine to answer any. When Catherine could finally get a word in edge ways she said “I would like to answer your questions but you wont let me speak, how would you like me to help you?”

The customer then emailed to say our staff are rude!

We simply deleted his email and proceeded to concentrate on our many many other, polite and respectful customers.

This kind of ‘customer’ we can all do without!

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