Plastic cards with personalisation

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Hi All,

We have had a few orders for full colour solid plastic cards with personlisation recently.

In case you are not aware of what this means it is when the customers provides an excel file of variable data to be printed on the cards. Typically this will be a name and membership number but it can be pretty much anything the customer required. The only limit to the personlisation is the amount of text but if it physically fits on the cards we can print it on.

It is surprising how many customers don’t realise that we actually need the excel file when the order is placed. We load the excel file on to the printing plate when the order is placed so that the postal proofs are provided with the personalisation in place.

Unfortunately we have an order which is ready to proceed but the excel file is not ready and may not be ready for some weeks, which is a shame that the customer has concentrated so much on the artwork but does not have the variable data ready. We will obviously ensure the postal proof is dispatched asap for the customer on receipt of the excel file.

Bye for now.

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