Plastic cards, where has the week gone?

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Hi All,

Where has this week gone?! I guess thats what happens when your busy …… time flies.

We have had a lot of orders for our frosted clear cards this week, with a lot of customers needing them very very quickly. unfortunately we can only please so many people however we do let customers know when they are looking to place an order whether we can meet there deadline.

One of the orders which was needed really quickly was a quantity of 250 frosted clear cards for a repeat customer with two ink colours. The order was placed on the Thursday 6th May and we dispatch the order on Tuesday 11th May.

Very very occasionally we have problems with the printing plates for the frosted clear cards which means the order will be delayed as the plate will need to be re-made. We explain this to any customer who have tight deadlined. Luckily on the occasion mentioned about the printing plate was fine and the cards arrived safely with the customer. The customer phoned to confirm they had arrived safely and to express his appreciation. Its always nice when customers go out of there way to say thank you.

Bye bye for now.

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