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Plastic Cards – needed quickly?

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Plastic Cards with fast delivery

Oh wow, we have had an over welming demand for very short turnaround times on plastic cards orders this week. We have managed to meet most customers requests however unfortunately we have had to decline a few orders due to the unrealistic timescale we were provided with.

We have now devised a standard template to email customers who require a rush order, it goes something like this:

Thank you for your enquiry, your deadline for plastic cards is very tight indeed. Are you able to extend this at all?

I am going to email over a quote to you shortly however I am unable at this stage to confirm whether or not we are able to meet your deadline. I am unable to confirm this for a few reasons including the following:

1) We may not be able to print your design on plastic cards;

2) Your artwork may take longer than expected to be finalised by yourself;

3) More order’s may be processed by us while we are waiting for your artwork, which means your deadline has become unrealistic.

Please email your finished print ready artwork over to our specifications found (see here for details) as soon as you can. I will then arrange for this to be reviewed in detail to ensure that we can print your design. I will at the same time confirm whether or not we are able to meet your deadline.

Please note that we will not promise you a timeframe that we can not offer however we do ask for your full co-operation in ensuring your order for plastic cards is processed as quickly as possible.

We will look forward to receiving your artwork and I will email your quote over shortly.

End of email.

We are honest!

Basically we are trying to ask customers to see things from our point of view, we never fib to customers (like some companies do) & promise things that we are unable to deliver. We are an honest company and want things to be right for our customers however we are reliant on correct information being provided to us. OK occasionally things do go wrong, but hey everybody makes mistakes sometimes. When things do go wrong we do everything we can to resolve the situation as quickly as we can.

We are just about back on top of things now so if you have a short turn around time for plastic cards please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!

plastic cards

We only produce high quality plastic cards

A customer who was shopping around on price once said to me:

“A plastic card is a plastic card, right?”
No I replied! As with everything in life you get what you pay for, high quality plastic cards do cost more than low quality plastic cards.

From feedback over the last year we have realised that a lot of companies are offering cheap full colour plastic cards that are imported from China.

Some of the problems are as follows:

Hard copy proofs (if available)
Are not printed on the same machine as the full order – what is the point in this?

Barcodes and sequential numbering are surface printed.
They look fine at first but after a couple of months of use they will rub, off causing administration nightmares!

Missed deadlines
As the cards are shipping in from China the lead times are excessive and the customer is not made aware of this when ordering (instead the customer is often lied to and believes the cards will arrive is 7 working days or less!). We have had customers re-order their plastic cards from us as they have been let down and have therefore paid twice for their plastic cards.

Poor quality
We have received feedback to say that the quality is very poor with the plastic cards having rough edges & major colour variations in the same batch of cards.

Finally, a picture speaks a thousand words
Take a look at the photo below. Not only are the barcodes surface printed but the whole card has fallen apart! To be 100% clear we did not print these!

What we are trying to point out is that plastic cards are not the same, if you receive a cheap price for plastic cards then its cheap for a reason. I can not verify this personally but a reliable source tells me that the working conditions in these Chinese factories is appalling.

Please support UK manufacturing and ensure your cards are not produced in China. All our cards are manufactured in England.

If you have experienced any problems with cards produced in China please let us know we would love to include it on the list above.

a low quality plastic cards printed in China