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Business cards

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Business cards come in many shapes and sizes, but to make the right impression they do need to conform to a pre conceived image of quality. The tried and tested plastic business card will usually stand out from the crowd in it’s own unique way.

If the design is of above average quality the plastic business card will actually float into the air and perform a loop the loop, followed by a barrel roll then even allow it’s lesser paper based business cards to “wing walk”.

It is really quite amazing the tricks Mr plastic business card can perform. Business cards may be semi transparent, which can lead to wondrous sleights of hand and unbelievable manipulations one would not believe possible.

Business cards are so amazing that they can even appear on Facebook, which is now believed to be the latest advertising tool to pop up on the interweb. Colour Plastic Cards business cards would really benefit from news blogs, then they could witter on about all sorts of nonsensical ideas just for fun. The Business card is a very strange beast, but one which Richard Attenborough hasn’t yet filmed.

Key Tags

plastic cards special offer

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We had an enquiry today regarding keycards from a potential new customer. They had been to numerous websites, shopping around for as usual the best price, not necessarily the best product or the best product for the price (guess the best value for money.)

They had found some very cheap keycards from one of our competitors. However, once we pointed out that this cheap keycard product was not a solid plastic card (which ours is) but instead it is a paper core with plastic on the outside – we got the order, despite being more expensive.

It just goes to show that you have to be careful with what you order, as not all products are the same, even if at first they appear the same. Our keycards are printed onto a white plastic with a clear pvc bonded to each side to protect the print. Some companies print onto paper then laminate clear plastic to the outside which results in a lower quality keycard which can become dog-eared, can de laminate and if it gets wet it can fall apart!

I have seen what a keycard with a paper core looks like after it has been on a metal keyring with keys in someones pocket for a couple of weeks – it doesn’t look good.

Loyalty cards – getting more popular

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We received a phone call today from a customer requiring membership cards, they were a little unsure as to what method to use to actually store customers details on their computer system. Although we do not currently sell these packages we advised the customer that they have a few things to consider namely:

– Did they want to use barcode or magnetic strips (we advised the customer to look at the advantages and disadvantages of both these methods independently and advised that a search of the internet may assist them)
– They will need to purchase both software and hardware (some companies will offer all all in one package or it may be more cost effective to order the items separately)
– The hardware will allow the card to physically be scanned and information transferred to the companies computer system
– The software will enable the data on the customer to be managed e.g. points attached for a loyalty scheme or number of times the member has visited the organization/club.

We hope that providing information such as the above will help customers, as even though we do not currently sell these products, we like to be able to offer advice where we can.

Future blogs on the advantages and disadvantages of bar codes and magnetic strips may be posted (work load permitting). Watch this space!

Customers re-ordering business cards

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I always love it when we get repeat work for business cards from customers. Especially like the customer today who last ordered his business cards from us in April 2003 – blimey 6 years ago and they remember who they ordered their business cards from!

We get repeat orders of business cards every day of the week from our many happy customers but usually, the last time they ordered business cards is within the last 12 months or so.

Luckily, we keep the business card artwork on file for all our customers which makes it as easy as possible for customers to make repeat business card orders.

Business cards – ours are different

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Recently we have experienced more orders for plastic cards to be used as business cards. Plastic cards do generally cost more than a normal card based business card but the image it portrays is worth every penny.

As well as plastic cards we print more normal business cards which are our full colour matt laminated business cards.

We offer a fantastic design service, which on some of our plastic cards, is included free of charge.

All you need to do is email the details you would like on your card with any specific requirements.

You can even email a rough design you have created to us for us to base the final design on.

Christmas deadline for plastic cards

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The deadline has now passed for plastic card orders to be delivered before christmas.

However, we are still taking orders for plastic cards for delivery in the new year.

We close for Christmas on Thursday 18th December at 5.00pm and reopen on Monday 5th January at 9.30am.

May we take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and happy new year.

We look forward to hearing from you in the new year and as always aim to provide the highest possible level of quality and service.

Plastic cards, delivery before Xmas

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We are currently receiving a huge volume of plastic card orders from our customer for delivery before Christmas – fantastic 🙂

With Christmas fast approaching, couriers companies and the royal mail receive a huge volume of packages to be deliver which often results in packages being lost or delayed.

We recommend that our customers place their plastic card orders ASAP to avoid the Christmas rush and disappointment.

Also, ensure that you order enough cards to see you over Christmas, especially if they are for a pre-Christmas promotion.

Split orders for plastic card orders

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I just wanted to write a very quick blog surrounding split order for full colour solid plastic cards.

By split orders, I mean where a customer wants to order, for example, the quantity of 2000 cards but this consists of 2 separate cards.

We can sometimes offer discounts for these orders as long as the print ready artwork is submitted at the same time and the orders for the the two cards are the same (e.g. same product, delivery address, payment detail etc). Quite often this works out an economical way to order business cards for a number of staff members.

Please contact us for more details. We would just need to know how many cards in total you require along with the quantity of each and any optional extras such as barcodes, signature panels, numbering what you require.

Plastic card rush orders before Easter

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garden design business cards

Today we have been very busy with rush orders and we anticipate we will also receive a lot of rush plastic card orders this week. However, because of the Easter bank holiday weekend we are losing 2 working days (Friday and Monday) so this does not help us or the customers with a fast turnaround for those orders that are needed ‘yesterday’

However, as usual, if you have a rush order, email your artwork and details to us and we will see how we can help you.

To assist with the hassle that the Easter bank holiday causes, we are advising customers whose orders are being dispatched on Thursday to be delivered on Saturday AM, unfortunately, this does cost extra but will help to ensure that the customers plastic card order is delivered on Saturday AM rather than on Tuesday the following week.

Plastic cards and email proofs

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We often have customers requesting email proof after email proof with very slight changes to their artwork. The email proofs we provide are basically just the customers own artwork sent back to them.

We provide email proofs to ensure that the artwork has not become corrupt and that we have the correct files for them (e.g. we have not by accident selected the wrong one from our printing files). Customer seem to use them to proof read there own artwork! This really is not the point of them and basically causes unnecessary work for both the customer and for us.

We obviously want customer to be as happy as possible hence providing email proofs to ensure the artwork is correct. However we do really need to receive only the finished final, print ready, signed off artwork. Its such a shame that some customer consume so much of our time meaning that we can not help more customers in a quicker space of time.

We had a customer today who requested a 3rd email proof to show round a meeting they are having on Friday and they can not even confirm there embossing requirements which may mean a 4th submission of artwork. We are wondering why they can not show their own artwork around the meeting? Surely this would be easier for all concerned!?

Any comments would be welcome. We do not want to upset customers but we simply do not have enough time in the day.