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A pleased plastic cards customer

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Just thought I would share the following email with you:

The plastic cards arrived this morning and i am extremely pleased with them.

Thank you.

If I wanted more do i just quote the company name. and you have the art work on file ?

thanks again. for a very easy and quick service at a high quality finish”

I emailed the customer straight back to thank him for his email as it was very much appreciated.

This customer ordered some of our frosted clear plastic cards with metallic copper ink, the printer who printer this order actually commented how nice it looked and came through to show me!

Very glad the customer is pleased with them

Bye for now, feel free to post any nice comments! You can post not so nice ones as well if you like, we are always open to constructive feedback.

Mountain climber reading a plastic card

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Did you hear the story on the news recently about the mountain climber who fall a very very long way down a mountain, I am lead to believe this was approx 1000 feet! The good news is he survived. He was found by a rescue team who at first glance through they had the wrong man as he was busy reading a map on the back of a plastic card and stood on his own two feet!

This guy has definitely used one of his lives up. The news report says he suffered minor cuts and small chest injury.

Good luck to this man, all at Cpcards wish you a fast recovery.

Pleased with plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We received a lovely email today from a customer who ordered our frosted clear plastic cards:

“I would just like to thank you again for a first class service, I am really pleased with my business cards. I am looking to have some more printed with holoprint. I have enclosed an example and was wondering if these would turn out ok? Could you advise if this is possible and the cost for a quantity of 250 and 500.

Many thanks again for an outstanding service.”

Thank you nice customer, your new price has been emailed over to you.

Happy plastic cards customer

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

We received another nice email today from someone who ordered plastic cards from us:

This is the first time I’ve used cpcards and have found you very efficient, you have supplied good quality cards and will definitely use you again. Just feels a little impersonal using the internet but can’t fault it at all.

This person ordered some full colour solid plastic cards, no optional extras with a gloss finish. The cards are for use in a shopping centre.

Thanks very much Mrs Customer, your comments are much welcomed.

New to plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

Recently I have noticed a few new joiners to the plastic cards market. I was looking at one of these website the other day and found it so funny the wording that had been used.

There was one area which was describing the products they offer, I came remember the exact wording but it was something a long the lines of:
“We offer lovely chicken plastic cards.”

What?!?! Chicken?!?

I think this is a Chinese company looking to make it in the UK market, as the funny wording like this all through there website. I think it is either poor translation or just a general lack of knowledge of the English Language.

I am not saying our website is perfect (or my blogs come to think of it). I am sure it has a few typos but I can guarantee you there are no chickens!

Please be careful when ordering your plastic cards, ask about time frames, extended timeframes will probably let you know the cards are not produced in the UK.

Bye for now.

Royal mail, plastic card postal proofs

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I read today that royal mail are taking extra steps to deal with the postage backlog from December/Christmas in the Cheshire area.

One of our postal proofs for the full colour solid plastic cards, which we posted before Christmas has only just arrived! Which does to highlight just how bad things are.

Obviously we did not let this hold the customers order up and actually posted the proof via courier to ensure the order was not delayed.

Hopefully with Royal Mail taking this step to make extra deliveries will help however I wonder what will happy this Christmas! hhuurrrmmm lets guess, more failed deliveries!

Bye for now.

Durable plastic cards

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

You have probably seen the clip on either you tube or BBC news now about the lady who was sooooo busy sending a text message from her mobile in a shopping centre that she did not realise an indoor pool / fountain display was in front of her….in case you have not seen this….you guessed it…she tripped over the small wall surrounding this and went head first in to the water!

Bet she is glad all her credit cards are plastic cards as other wise she would not have been able to purchase new DRY clothes from the surrounding shops!

If you haven’t see the clip have a look at BBC news, apparently over one million people have viewed it according to the BBC article however now looks nearer to 2 million!

Next time you are looking to purchase business / membership cards just remember plastic ones are more durable, you never know what is round the corner!

Bye for now!

Plastic cards – stop production

plastic cards special offer

Hi All,

I have noticed recently that a few customers have being trying to stop production of there order after approving there postal proof (this relates to the full colour solid plastic cards).

We hate to upset customers however once the postal proof has been approved the order is immediately sent to production and the manufacturing process is started asap. We do make this as clear as possible however not sure what else we can do, any suggestions would be appreciated.

We did consider not sending orders to production immediately on approval by the customer however this obviously is not fair as some customers require the cards asap. Its also surprising the amount of time after approving the postal proof some customers enquire about changing the artwork, this can be days!

Please could we ask all customers to double and triple check both the email and postal proof before approving it.

Many thanks

Plastic cards, black Friday

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

I received a marketing email today from a well known online market retailer which mentioned about deals for black Friday.

I was curious as to what Black Friday is as I have never heard of it before. I found out that in the US this day is traditionally the start of the Xmas shopping period.

The date for Black Friday this year is this Friday!

So now the traditional Christmas shopping time is nearly here, please have another think about you plastic card orders and look to place them well before Christmas.

The frosted and satin black cards take a little longer than the full colour plastic cards to produce, so have a careful ponder about your requirements now before it is too late to order.

Bye for now.

Plastic cards – photo-realistic proofs

plastic cards special offer

Hello All,

I was slightly amused and upset today and though I would share this with you.

We, as a company, have spent a long time developing our email proofs to give as much of an impression as we can to creating a photo realistic impression from a computer generated image.

Today we had a customer requiring our satin black plastic cards and we received a reply regarding the email proof saying how ridiculous it was! No explanation of why the customer felt this. After years of developing out proofs we felt a little upset to say the least!

Do you think our proofs are ridiculous and if so why?! Feedback as always is greatly appreciated.

Bye for now.