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Guidelines for excel files

See our example excel document

Please ensure your excel file conforms with the following:

excel file example

1) There are no hidden rows or columns

2) There are no blank rows or columns

3) There is no information in the excel file which should not be printed on the cards

4) For information which you are not sure of (but still wish to issue a card to a member) for example date of birth, do not enter "not sure" or something similar in your excel file, unless you want this printed on the cards.

5) Please do not submit multiple excel files and/or multiple worksheets within the excel file. Please include all information in one excel file and in one worksheet.

6) Please ensure that you submit your excel file in exactly the same way as you submitted your first excel file i.e the members name is still located in the same row as the initial excel document etc. This is extremely important and will result in you wasting your cards if your excel file is submitted with different formatting. We cannot be held responsible for checking your excel file to ensure they are submitted correctly and/or contain all the correct details, this is the customers responsibility.

7) If an excel file is emailed to us please do not recall this excel document shortly after submitting it, for example to add a member who has just joined or to change the file as a mistake has been notices. It is not possible to recall excel files once they have been submitted.

8) Even if you have just one new member who requires a card, this member still need to be submitted via an excel document please do not just put the details in the body of an email.

To summarise - all the information that you provide in your excel file will be printed on the cards so please ensure that ONLY the information you require on the cards is provided to us. If this is not adhered to your cards may be wasted. Please ensure each excel file is submitted with the same formatting.
An example excel document can be downloaded here

If you are unclear about anything please just ask and we would be happy to help.

example of a correct and incorrect excel file

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