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Plastic Cards with Embossing


Use: We can emboss words and / or numbers (just like a credit card) for a professional image.

Positioning: Embossing is positioned on one side, in the bottom half. 

Size: Two sizes are available, 5mm and 3mm, this is the height of the characters

Maximum number of characters: For the 5mm this is 22 characters on one line & for the 3mm this is 27 characters on one line (including spaces)

Embossed numbering / variable data: You can either specify a start number, for example: sequential numbering from 5001 onwards or you can supply an excel document containing the information we are to emboss.

Colour: The colour of the embossing can be metallic silver or metallic gold.

Top tip: Be careful with regards to the positioning of the embossing as the printing on the back of the card will be distorted by the embossing.

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