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Plastic Cards with Magnetic Strips

magnetic strips

Use: Traditionally a magnetic strip will hold a unique number, which when swiped will trigger a back office system to bring forward the details of the member or customer.

Encoding: We can either encode (put data on the strips) or leave them blank so you can encode the data yourself using suitable equipment.

The magnetic strip has three sections within it, known as tracks. We can encode on to one track or multiple tracks. The different tracks can hold different information, this depends on your requirements but as a general rule: Track 1 can include letters & numbers up to a maximum of 78 characters Track 2 can include numbers  up to a maximum of 37 characters Track 3 can include numbers  up to a maximum of 103 characters

Positioning: Magnetic strips are positioned on the reverse, 3mm down from the top edge.

Size: The magnetic strips measure 13mm x 86 mm long

HICO or LOCO: There are two different types of magnetic strips, they are called High Coercivity (HICO) or Low Coercivity (LOCO). The Coercivity defines how strong the magnetic field is and how immune the data on the magnetic strip is to damage. We would recommend HICO as this is far more durable, however please check that HICO is compatible with your system.

Providing the encoding details: You can either specify a start number, for example: sequential numbering from 0001 onwards or you can supply an excel document containing the encoding details.

Colour: As a general rule HICO magnetic strips are black and LOCO are brown

Top Tip: Note sure if you need magnetic strips? To future proof your membership system why not consider them. Also a magnetic strip (even if it isn't used) looks more professional.

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