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Plastic Cards with Barcodes


Use: Barcodes are often used for membership and loyalty systems to help record important data.
The barcode number can be linked to a customer which allows important information to be viewed by the operator or points added to the customers account.

Positioning: The barcode can be located anywhere.

Size: We can print any size you require.

Font: There are a number of different barcodes in use, examples include code39, code128A and EAN5. We find that code39 is the most popular.

Barcode number: You can either specify a start number, for example: sequential numbering from 0001 onwards or you can supply an excel document. The barcode can contain letters as well as numbers.

Colour: Barcodes are made up of black parallel lines.

Top Tip: Place your barcode within a white box to ensure the scanner can read it.

See our membership cards for more information.

Barcodes printed on Plastic cards

Barcodes are an invaluable addition to plastic cards such as membership, loyalty and gift cards (to name just a few).

First lets consider what a barcode actually is; it is a string of numbers and possibly letters, which a machine e.g. a scanner can read. The data can be automatically transferred to a computer software system (Point of Sale system / POS) to assist with data entry, recoding and ultimately efficiency.

In everyday use a barcode can provide a business with huge amounts of important information such as tracking busy times in a gym and therefore knowing when more staff members are needed or when off peak / on peak times should be set.

The technology surrounding barcodes and barcode systems is constantly changing, for example many mobile phones are now capable of reading barcodes; barcodes have evolved from simple parallel lines to QR codes which are capable of holding lots of data.

The most popular barcode that we print on plastic cards is code 39 otherwise known as 3 of 9 which is mainly used for identification purposes e.g. sports club members. The second most popular being QR codes, which often link, to websites. Other popular barcode types are code 128 and UPC but please ask if you need a different barcode type as I am sure we can help.

There are many ways barcodes can be used to help businesses; a few examples are detailed below:

Tickets; Barcodes can be used for admission to a number of social events such as sports matches, cinemas and theme parks. All our barcodes are printed under the surface and are therefore protected from being rubbing away, this is especially important when the plastic cards are used for season tickets as they need to offer durability.

Gift cards; Plastic gift cards are very popular in many industries. Each card is printed with a different barcode so that it is unique. The cashier usually programs the value of the gift card in to the Point of Sales system when the gift card is purchased. When the gift cards is redeemed by the recipient, the barcode is scanned to show the value and the purchase amount is deducted from the card, if there is a balance left this will remain on the point of sale system for future use.

Business cards; QR codes can be used as an interactive way to direct a customer to a website, a specific product or service which is advertised on special offer or to allow ease of input / transfer to a smart phone for contact details in the form of a V Card.

Loyalty cards; Barcodes allow each card to be individually identifiable & loyalty points to be easily and accurately added or removed to / from the customers account. Make your customers feel special by offering a loyalty programme.

Membership cards; Allow access to businesses such as gyms. When a new member signs up they are provided with a membership card, which has a unique number. This number is usually the customer’s membership number. The barcode may provide access to a building and allow monitoring of members actions. Point of Sale systems may allow reports to be ran to easily see which members need to re-new.

A few things for you to consider:

If you are unsure which barcode type you need please ask your point of sale system (POS) provider which barcode format you need and if any particular characters are needed.

Please consider asking us to add a human readable version of the barcode as this allows the number to be input manually if this is required or if your scanner is unavailable.

Have a think about the size you require the barcode to be, too small and you may not be able to scan it, too large and it may dominate the plastic card design. We recommend the barcode is placed in a white box to ensure it can be scanned easily.

Finally, please remember that not all plastic cards are the same, cheap plastic cards are usually cheap for a reason. We print in England, offer great quality & durability and quick turnaround times.

Please don’t risk your time and money having to re-call all the plastic cards with barcodes that you have issued to customers or members as a result of buring cheaper, inferior cards.

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