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Translucent Business Cards


Our clear cards are printed using a printing process called hot foil printing. This printing process isn't used as much as litho or digital printing for business cards as it is very labour intensive but produces absolutely stunning results. A lot of heat and pressure is used to bond the inks to the card surface. A wide range of colours are available.

We also have videos of the foils printed on the translucent business cards on our YouTube channel.

Translucent Business Cards Printed

Learn how we can help you with your Translucent Plastic Business Card Printing requirements.

A video showing a translucent plastic business card printed with holoprint

A clear business card printed with a subtle watermark effect on the back of the card

Each and every colour is printed individually, whether it is a metallic colour or a pigment colour using a printing process that precisely applies the correct amount of heat and pressure to the card to bond the image to the surface.
This means it can take a while to produce the cards as each card is printed one at a time, a colour at a time.

Frosted Translucent Card Printing

A selection clear business cards

Our translucent frosted plastic business cards are very affordable but despite their affordability they certainly have a high impact for their price. If you choose to have aspects of your design printed with our metallic colours, especially holoprint, they are sure to stand out from the crowd.

Our most popular metallic colours are metallic gold, metallic silver and of course the stunning holoprint.

Translucent Cards with Metallic Foiling

A clear business card printed with metallic foiling

This particular translucent business card has been printed with holoprint on the front of the card and clear ink on the back of the card creating a subtle watermark effect. This card is printed with 2 colours in total.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer low cost translucent business cards with a quick turnaround with outstanding quality. Please get in touch if you need your cards quickly. You may need to choose our guaranteed 4 working day turnaround service which is usually available.

Frosted Business Card Printing

A clear business card printed with holoprint and clear ink

Not many people have seen translucent business cards quite like ours, especially ones that are printed with holoprint and clear ink as in the example above.

They are always a talking point when they are handed out and our customers often comment on how their cards are always commented on when they hand them out. It certainly gets them remembered by their clients.

To ensure our translucent business cards continue to look great and impress people they have a frosted finish on each side as this helps to disguise surface scratches that may appear over time. We have seen clear business cards printed by other companies that do not have a frosted finish and they look terrible very quickly as they show up every single little scratch.

Translucent Plastic Cards with gold foiling

gold foiling

When you order from us, why not have your logo or aspects of your logo printed with metallic colours? It will really make them stand out. Generally it is best to have any important details on your cards printed in a non metallic colour such as black or white so it is easy to ready, especially if the font size is small.

Watermarks on Translucent Plastic Cards

Watermarks on Clear Plastic Cards

Many of our customers choose to have a clear watermark printed on the back of their translucent plastic cards. The glossy clear foil creates a lovely subtle watermark. The watermark could be a pattern across the card or your logo. I really wouldn't recommend any important details are printed with the clear foil as it would be very difficult to read - some people may not even notice it unless it is angle just right in the light.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

Each and every day, customers contact us asking how quickly we can print and dispatch their cards. A lot of the time the customer doesn't have any artwork ready, so we step in and even create the artwork free of charge.

Once the artwork has been created, we email a proof to the customer to check and once approved we can proceed with the printing.

If you need your cards quickly you can choose our guaranteed 4 working day turnaround, please ask for details.

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