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White Plastic Cards ink and foil colours

Select a colour to see a photograph or a video of it printed on white plastic cards

Select a colour to see a photograph of it printed on a white plastic card or see our Youtube account for videos of the ink colours.

holoprint metallic silver metallic gold metallic red metallic pink metallic copper metallic green metallic turquoise metallic purple metallic dark blue metallic light blue Light grey - Approx Pantone: 430C Medium grey - Approx Pantone: 424C Dark grey - Approx Pantone: Cool Grey 11 black clear white Ivory - Approx Pantone: 7506C Pale blue - Approx Pantone: 292C Light blue - Approx Pantone: Process Blue C Medium blue - Approx Pantone: 072C Dark blue - Approx Pantone: 653C Navy blue - Approx Pantone: 296C Turquoise - Approx Pantone: 3145C Lilac - Approx Pantone: 2645C Purple - Approx Pantone: 520C Light Pink - Approx Pantone: 183C Light red - Approx Pantone: 179C Medium red - Approx Pantone: 186C Dark red - Approx Pantone: 200C Dark Pink - Approx Pantone: 205C Burgundy - Approx Pantone: 188C Light brown - Approx Pantone: 154C Medium brown - Approx Pantone: 1815C Dark brown - Approx Pantone: 4625C Bright yellow - Approx Pantone: Yellow 012C yellow - Approx Pantone: 130C Orange - Approx Pantone: 165C Bright green - Approx Pantone: 368C Light green - Approx Pantone: 347C Medium green - Approx Pantone: 355C Dark green - Approx Pantone: 357C
printing blocks for white plastic cards

If you need to see ink colour samples, please send an SAE with a note of the inks you would like to see
(up to a maximum of 3 inks please)

How to Order your White Plastic Cards

how to order your white plastic cards

Learn how quick and easy it is for you to order your White Plastic Cards.

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